This is the Spectrum Nano, a slim and lightweight portable, monitor with a built in battery. That alone is enough to convince me to get one but hold up, because the Spectrum Nano has a lot more to it. Now, before we proceed any further, I must say that this is a pre production unit. The main difference between this unit and the one that you can purchase is that yours will have touchscreen capability and a working battery its also worth noting that the Spectrum Nano comes in four variants. My unit is a 1080p 60hz variant, which is also the N3 model. The other three variants range from different resolutions, refresh rates and color accuracy. Depending on what your use case is such as gaming, video, editing or general productivity. There will be a spectrum Nano thats perfect for you, so other than those three features everything else across the Spectrum. Nano range is the same, which is great. You get a beautiful 15.6 inch IPS panel with 10 point. Capacitive touchscreen support a 5000 milliamp hour. Battery 300 needs maximum brightness and dual 2 watt stereo speakers. The IPS panel generates sharp and accurate images with excellent viewing angles. In terms of IO, youll find all of them on the right side of the display, starting from the top. There is a power button, a control button, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack, one HDMI 2.0, 2, USB type c, and one micro USB. By the way, the top type c Port is only for charging and the one at the bottom is for display the Dual stereo speakers are located at the back, and this is what it sounds like Applause, foreign Applause, its possible, but honestly dont expect these tiny speakers To fulfill your audiophile needs moving on to carry this portable display around it comes with what they call an origami stand, its basically a folio that screws to the back of the display and can be folded to become an angled stand.

This is great for those that are always on the go, because its very slim and functional this whole setup is around 37 CM by 23 cm with a weight slightly over 1 kilogram. But for those that want a more comfortable viewing angle, you can either Visa Mount the display or get the optional back sustain. The paxus 10 is my setup of choice because it provides me with a better viewing angle while allowing me to take away this monitor very quickly, currently Im using the Spectrum Nano as my secondary display while streaming, I have the streaming software running on that display, which Allows me to focus on gaming on my main display besides streaming. This would be also great for other situations that can benefit from extra screen real estate, such as writing reports or taking notes during a video call. Another use case that Ive tried is mirroring. My smartphone display this can be really helpful when showing your screen to a group of people or for a console like gaming experience using wireless controllers. The only thing you need to be aware of is that your device needs to support display over USBC. I learned the expensive way that my blackshock 5 doesnt support it, whereas the Rog phone 6 does another thing worth mentioning is that when you plug a smartphone to the Spectrum Nano, it will not feed power off your smartphone. Instead, it will act like a power bank and Juice up your smartphone overall Im really happy with the Spectrum.

Nano a first generation product with a lot of potential, something I havent touched on is the build quality. The body is made out of an aluminum alloy, which provides a good amount of rigidity on top of that, the body also acts as passive cooling. So far, Ive not had any overheating issues with the display under normal indoor usage. With that being said, no product is perfect. The one annoying problem that I face with the Spectrum Nano is input lag when resizing windows for certain applications, Im, not sure whether its a processor or connection limitation. Currently, the display is connected directly to my GPU, via the micro HDMI to HDMI cable, provided certain applications will lag when resizing the window quickly. Thankfully, the issue doesnt persist when youre done resizing the application. It will run smoothly after that now on to some suggestions. This is what it looks like inside the Spectrum. Nano Im, not sure if you can see this, but there is a ton of empty space. I dont know about you guys, but I would be highly interested in a smaller version of the spectrum Nano. Maybe in the next version moving on are the speakers look Im happy that there is even built in speakers despite the quality, but I wish that they would be front facing speakers. There is enough space at the bottom front and if you think that the speaker cutouts would be too ugly just run a mesh throughout the whole bottom, like a soundbar.

The last thing I like to suggest is that they come up with a better mounting solution with a display. This light, a magnetic stand would have been perfect. Not only would it make mounting and dismounting the display, so quick, but changing orientation would be so effortless. The magnets can also be used to secure the display to the origami stand instead of using screws, yeah thats pretty much it lets conclude if youre someone always on the go, whether its for gaming or productivity, the Spectrum Nano is currently your best option for a portable Monitor with a built in battery, despite the flaws of my pre production unit, I really enjoyed this as my secondary display in terms of pricing. I have no official numbers but heres what Ive heard from the team? Its not bad at all, definitely wont burn a hole through your wallet. I believe that if youre someone that really needs a portable monitor to get things done, the benefits far away the price tag. This is a really exciting product and I cant wait to see the next iteration of it, so thats it for this video. Thank you so much for watching and heres a word from our sponsor uni accessories. They are a new startup from China, focusing on USBC accessories. Their best seller, the union Pro, is a eight in one USBC Hub with this Hub youll get gigabyte, ethernet, HDMI, SD and micro SD card readers, USB 2.0, USB 3.

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