Dell XPS 12 2016 Review – 12.5″ 2 In 1 Windows 10 Tablet With 4k Display

This is a two and one detachable, as you can see from Dell and for the thousand dollar price tag. You get the keyboard dock here, along with the computer component. All of these are powered by a core m5 processor. This is the new skylake generation of Core M chips of their fan list, […]

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 2018 Laptop Review and Benchmarks

It'S got a cable 8g processor which features an Intel quad core CPU, with AMD Radeon Vega, graphics on the same package, so let's check it out and see. If it's a laptop, you should consider let's start with the specs of this unit for the CPU we've got Intel's i7 8 705 G, cable, […]

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 (i7-8705G) Gaming Benchmarks

I'Ll cover off the main specs in the laptop there's, an Intel i7 8 705 G CPU, which features AMD Radeon Vega, MGL graphics, with 4 gig of HP m2 memory I've also got 16 gig of ddr4 memory running at 2400 megahertz. It seems to be in single channel but I'm, not sure as […]

Dell XPS 13 2018 (9370) vs 2017 (9360) – Which should you buy?

Reviewing the late 2017 model, so let's discuss the differences between the two and find out what the newer version has to offer. I haven't used the newer 2018 model myself, so my thoughts are based purely on the differences between the two, with the perspective of having only used the late 2017 model. As […]

Dell XPS 13 Laptop Review and Benchmarks – (9360 Late 2017)

You quad core CPU, which runs at 1.8 gigahertz and Kanto go up to 4 gigahertz I've got 8 gigabytes of LP ddr3 memory running at 1866 megahertz, but the top end model comes with 16 gig for storage there's, a 256 gig samsung nvme m2 SSD, and for The graphics there's, no discrete GPU […]

Best Thin & Light Laptop? Dell XPS 13 Review (9380)

In this detailed review well find out just why this machine is so popular and help you decide if its a laptop you should consider., Starting with the specs. My unit has an 8th, gen Intel, Whiskey Lake i7, 8565U quad core CPU 16gb of memory running in dual channel, a 1TB NVMe M.2, SSD, […]