Soundpeats Truengine2 Review Dual Driver AptX TWS Earbuds

Tranya T3 Review – Loud & Bassy TWS Earbuds

I looked at left quite a bit to be desired in terms of base and even volume output, but not these ones right here. So these are the t. 3S they're from a company called tranya let's check them out. So in the box, you'll find two leaflets ones: a user guide, the others, a […]

TWS Earbuds For Rock Lovers Tranya Rimor Review

There'Ll be six millimeters well right here, we've got the tranny room or, and it has a 10 millimeter driver which is larger than most, and you would think that okay, they'll probably be focusing on the lows then so these will be all about bass, and surprisingly, they Aren'T you'll find in the box […]