Lenovo IdeaTab K3 Lynx 11.6-Inch Tablet Review

This is all the Novo k3 links, it is a running, an Atom processor and it is running Windows 8, not the mobile version, but the actual Windows 8. So this little tablet, which is pretty thin and pretty light, is running Windows. 8 software and it’s been working really well. I got it specifically […]

ASUS Transformer Book T100 (T100-TA-C1-GR) Tablet Review – Hardware & Gaming

Take a look at this little guy here. What’S nice about these Windows tablets is that the processors are getting better and better, and these things are running real Windows. It’S, not running. You know this, the RT version or some scaled down tablet thing. It is running actual Windows. If you have Windows software […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 First Look Review – New Tablet / Laptop Replacement for 2014

How are you Rick you’re, the manager of the store it’s, my store absolutely now you’re getting ready, because now, but I’m people see this it’ll be out, but this is coming out tomorrow, the surface 3. So what do we got here? What’S this it’s the surface pro 3 and there’s a ton of […]

Teclast X89 Kindow 7.5″ Dual Boot Unboxing And First Look

It is the x89 kendo now I think that's a bit of a play on the word Kindle because they advertise this. One has been a dual boot ebook reader, almost so it's got a 7.5 inch Samsung screen with a very odd resolution, because it's a four by three display it's 1440 by 1080, […]

Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Hands-on (CES 2013)

Subscribe for complete CES 2013 – This is a hands-on and first look at the Razer Edge. The Edge is a Windows based tablet targeted at gamers. It also offers a number of peripherals & accessories to improve functionality. The Razer Edge will be available with either an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. […]

World’s Most Powerful Gaming Tablet? — Razer Edge Pro Unboxing & Overview

PRICING & AVAILABILITY Razer Edge Pro – Gamepad Controller for Razer Edge – Docking Station for Razer Edge – This is an unboxing and overview of the new Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet. The Razer Edge is possibly the World's most powerful gaming tablet. It also features a unique set of accessories including the Razer […]