Microsoft Surface Pro 3 First Look Review – New Tablet / Laptop Replacement for 2014

How are you Rick you’re, the manager of the store it’s, my store absolutely now you’re getting ready, because now, but I’m people see this it’ll be out, but this is coming out tomorrow, the surface 3. So what do we got here? What’S this it’s the surface pro 3 and there’s a ton of […]

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 With Anypen – 8 inch Windows tablet that uses pens and pencils as a stylus!

Their yoga tablet 2 with Windows, and this is kind of a premium 8 inch Windows tablet and that it costs about 300, so it’s a lot more than the 1500 tablets that we looked at. But you do get a couple of interesting features on here. The first, of course, is the screen much […]

Cube i6 Dual OS, Switching from Win 8.1 to Android 4.4.4 and back

So it could be long so be prepared to skip ahead. Maybe on the video along in. Perhaps a boring you are about to see is what it says. Obviously it's meant to say you're about to switch operating systems. I think now I've just resorted to using the flashlight and turning the lights off […]

Win 8.1 Teclast X98 Gaming: Path of Exile Low settings

For some reason, my mouse pointer is missing completely missing, but touch seems to work, although there is an issue for selecting skills, etc. Sty, though, the big huge stuff at this thing and getting all the gamers on the lowest settings show you right here, you can see here that it's uh on the […]

Windows 10 Vs Windows 8.1 Benchmarks & Boot speed X98 Air 3G

1 Bing, and I wanted to look at the schools and see if it was much of a difference between them. Now the one closest to the camera here is running running 8.1 and you can see the school. There is almost 14000. This is the 3d mark. I store my limited school there and […]

Chuwi Vi8 unboxing the $83 Win 8.1 tablet [English]

1, bing version, and we sell a lot what's in the box. This is a obviously it's, a yeah power adapter that they've. Given me that's right here. I have no idea everything some tiny little boxes and when we got here, hey, okay, so it's a USB cable. I don't know why that is […]

X98 Air 3G / Win 8.1 How to change language from Chinese to English

Just incase your Chinese tablet ships in Chinese, here is how to change it to English or your own native language. Tablet in this video is a Teclast X98 Air 3G Where to buy?