Chuwi Vi8 : Streaming via Steam from my Tower PC

Hopefully it will run just fine. I noticed it with the check last. I had a bit of lag, so it was interesting to see if the same leg is present on the chewy, be aight aight and just take the resolution to the native resolution. Ok, so they should run just fine I'll be […]

Chuwi Vi8 First hands on [English]

Eight. This is an 8 inch. Chinese 99 tablet, and you can see here that touch response seems to be really good, quite surprised with how it's going so far. The screen is a an IPS screen, so we've got 12 hundred and eighty x 800 resolution and while it's not the sharpest screened in […]

Win 8.1 Teclast X98 Gaming: Path of Exile Low settings

For some reason, my mouse pointer is missing completely missing, but touch seems to work, although there is an issue for selecting skills, etc. Sty, though, the big huge stuff at this thing and getting all the gamers on the lowest settings show you right here, you can see here that it's uh on the […]

Teclast X10HD 3G 1080p MKV, 2K, 4K Playback + Photoshop

These samples are taken off. My note 4, so the photos here are 16 megapixel. I want quickly show the photos before i get into the video now this video is shot in 4k. So if you do have a 4k monitor, you can take advantage of that and run it in 4k. So you […]

Chuwi Vi8 device manager (Request)

To show you what hardware is actually inside the system, so you can see that it's a realtek, sound sensor that has a basic orientation sensor and CP. Of course, we know, and the network is the realtek it's wireless n150 megabits per second some maximum speed. It can connect at at least on my […]

Counter Strike Global Offensive on the Chuwi Vi8

Yeah 11 frames a second and I'm dead, but I've been playing or trying to play for about 20 minutes or so just to really test the temperatures on the unit to see what it gets up to, and I just switched to the desktop now and we'll have A look at the maximum temperatures, […]

Chuwi Vi8 unboxing the $83 Win 8.1 tablet [English]

1, bing version, and we sell a lot what's in the box. This is a obviously it's, a yeah power adapter that they've. Given me that's right here. I have no idea everything some tiny little boxes and when we got here, hey, okay, so it's a USB cable. I don't know why that is […]

Chuwi Vi8 Review – Performance and Gaming [English]

Chuwi Vi8 Review. I take a look at this super cheap Windows 8.1 Tablet and see if it's a steal or not. Best price? $83 here: Full detailed review here: Chuwi Vi8 forum and discussion: Subscribe: About: Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver […]