My New Laptop for Content Creation – Gigabyte Aero 15X

Since this time I haven't found any that I personally prefer so let's talk about why I picked the error 15x, all right, full disclosure. Before we start this laptop – was provided to me by gigabyte. However, I want to emphasize that I was in the process of looking to buy one due to […]

Aorus X5 v8 Gaming Laptop Review and Benchmarks

We'Ll take a closer look at what the laptop has to offer check out. Some benchmarks and help you decide if it's a laptop. You should consider let's get right into the specs of my unit there's an Intel i7 88 58 CPU, which has six cores and can turbo up to 4.3 gigahertz and […]

Aorus X5 v8 Thermal Testing – Fixed with Undervolting?

Seen a lot of people talking about thermal issues with it. I'Ve noticed that it can run quite warm under load, even with the fans running a full speed power limit, throttling and thermal throttling was happening so let's take a closer look and find out if we can improve things with some under vaulting. […]

Aorus X5 v8 Gaming Benchmarks – 15 Games Tested!

I wanted to mention that there's two 8 gig sticks of ddr4 memory running at 2600, 66 megahertz in dual channel the stock configuration present in my unit. All testing was done at 1080p. The native resolution of the laptops display with facing disabled with that out of the way let's check out some gaming […]

Gigabyte Aero 15X Laptop Review and Benchmarks

Error 15x is a seriously impressive, laptop featuring a six course cpu 1070 max q, graphics, 144 hertz screen and large 94 watt hour battery packed into such a small space let's find out what the laptop has to offer as well as how well it performs through various Benchmarks to help you decide if […]