Cube i9 – AUKEY Type-C Hub & iVoler Type-C Charger Test

Hopefully, USB 3 and display out I'm gon na try again. This is going to be. I think my third time trying and that's gon na be the last time I'm gon na try and attempt this, because I tried the Dell type C dock and that didn't actually give me any display out, but […]

Civiltop Air / T-Bao Tbook Air Review – Best Celeron N3450 Gaming Performance Seen Yet!

5 inch laptop is the civil Book Air, according to my box, but it's also known as the t book air and the Xiaoma 21 from under, but that model has two USB 3 ports on it and a micro SD card anyway. It'S very light. This thing is only one point: zero eight kilos, […]

Havit USB 3.1 Type-C Review. Type-C Hub For Macbook, Mi Notebook

So you can have all of those ports power. External hard drives and display out and just from the one type C port, which is essentially what I've been looking for so I'm going to start this hub, and hopefully this is the one I've been looking for that's gon na. Allow me to be […]

Dell Type-C Dock (WD15) Unboxing + Cube i9 Test

Most of them worked and they'll, give me display out. They might give me a USB port, but what happened? Is they won't actually charge my tablet, so in the back here I do have. It is one Chinese tablet that has proper USB 3.1 type C support, and that is the cube by nine […]