Laptop + eGPU vs Desktop – How Much Bottleneck?

, Im testing, both with MSIs RTX 3090 Gaming, X, Trio, graphics card to reduce GPU bottlenecks and reveal CPU and Thunderbolt limits.. This laptop goes for around 1600 USD, which you could definitely use to build. A nice gaming PC, like Ive, got here instead plus youve, got to factor in around 300 for […]

RTX 3090 Gaming Laptop 🤯 2080 Ti eGPU Comparison

. This is connected to the Razer Blade Stealth over Thunderbolt., As the Blade Stealth is just a small 13 gaming laptop. The specs are on the lower side and in general, you need to run AAA titles at 720p for decent frame rate, but this setup should take us to the next level.. Although […]

Mantiz Venus External GPU Enclosure Review

This is much less common and many other laptops don't even have discreet graphics at all, making them near useless for gaming. This changes with an external GPU solution, such as the mantas venous enclosure, which we're going to look at in this video. You can use it to easily connect a full desktop graphics […]

How To Enable Daisy-Chaining On The Dell U2414H Monitor

2 and configure daisy chaining with the Dell u24 14 h monitor. This will allow us to run two monitors with only one of them plugged into the computer first off DisplayPort 1.2. Is required to support daisy chaining, it will not work with older versions by default. This particular monitor ships with DisplayPort 1.1 […]

2080 Ti Gaming Laptop? Razer Blade Stealth + eGPU!

The Razer Blade Stealth is a skinny and lightweight gaming laptop computer, however with solely Nvidia MX150 graphics we’re somewhat restricted, so let’s discover out what it will probably do with a 2080 Ti improve! I’ve used the Mantiz Venus eGPU enclosure and my Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti to see what kind of a efficiency […]