Watercooled Laptop eGPU? Aorus Gaming Box Review

Briefly, for those that dont know an external graphics enclosure like this connects to your laptop with Thunderbolt 3, allowing you to use the power of desktop graphics cards in your thin and light laptop, which may not even have discrete graphics.. There are various overheads associated, but essentially this does allow you to get […]

Alienware Graphics Amplifier or Thunderbolt 3? eGPU Comparison

To find out which performs better in games for testing I'm going to be using the Alienware and 15 gaming laptop with AI 78758 CPU nvidia 1070 max q, graphics and 16 gig of memory running a dual channel as an Alienware laptop it's got a dedicated port on The back for the Alienware graphics […]

MSI Prestige 15 + RTX 2080 Ti 4K/1440p/1080p Gaming Benchmarks

So, just how well does the new 10th gen CPU perform with an external GPU enclosure, Ive tested 10 games at 1080p, 1440p and 4K to find out. The enclosure that Im using is the Mantiz Venus which Ive previously covered in another video.? Basically, you plug in your graphics card then connect the enclosure […]

Razer Core X Chroma External GPU Review

In this review, well see what this new version of the Core X has to offer and find out. If an external graphics solution is worth it., Basically the Core X Chroma is a box with a power supply that you install a desktop graphics card into., The exterior is all metal with a matte […]

Improve Ultrabook Gaming with eGPU? From ? To ?

However, you can't really play games on it due to a lack of discrete graphics. So, just how well does a perform if we connect an Nvidia r, tx, 20 atti or of a thunderbolt let's find out. This video is mostly just for fun. I'Ve got the newest Dell XPS 13 to review, and […]