Jumper EZBook 2 Unboxing & First Look – $167 MacBook Clone Laptop

It is the jumper easy book too so it's not actually Ultra book, why you could call it a laptop don't know whether you could really classify that as an ultra book, because I think ultra books have to have SSDs in them. Don'T know anyway. This one here has interested me because, unlike the […]

Jumper EZBook 2 – Some FAQs Answered

Now that uncomfortable, I would call anything getting a little bit more uncomfortable, definitely over around 40, so there's very well, not very a bit quite hot to the touch there now I'm charging it at the same time just worst case scenario. Now the temperatures are around 80. 85 degrees still, but I definitely […]

Livefan S1 Unboxing 2k Screen, Core M, 8GB RAM 13.3″ Ultrabook

The 12 inch version unboxing well actually ordered this here before that one, but it arrived afterwards because it came with slow mail. This is the loaf and s1 now it's a Core M ultrabook that has the well last generation khorium, so that's the 5y10. It has 8 gigabytes of ram a 2k screen, […]

LiveFan S1 Review – 2560 x 1440p Core M 8GB 13.3″ Notebook

Well there another electronics company from China – and this right here is a 13.3 inch core M fanless notebook with a 2k screen, eight gigabytes of RAM and a user replaceable SSD. So let's have a look at it in greater detail, so weighing just under 1.2 kilos, it's, thin and it's light and […]

LeEco Cool1 Dual Thoughts After 3 days, Battery Life & Benchmarks

This is a Lear, CO and cool pad mobile phone. A joint venture of this things are going okay. So far, so in my unboxing and my first impressions of the camera, that was my first impressions weren't that great, but it actually can take a reasonable photo. So I have been out in town […]

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Gaming Review (Helio X25 Version)

I didn't actually say that much in regards to gaming, so this particular video I'm going to cover gaming, show you a few more popular titles here for a little bit longer and not so short edits on this one. So this is powered by a heli. Oh x.25. This particular version that I have […]

Chuwi HiBook Pro Unboxing – Dual OS OGS Screen 2-in-1

Lately this is the chewy hai book pro now the hai book pro was released just in China for a short time, but it was later pulled because they had some trouble with it. So I never bothered to import one in and review it, but now I have myself one and I got this […]

Mi Notebook Air Linux Mint & Remix OS 3.0

This is the corium version, so it's a 12.5 inch one. I wanted to test out Linux to see if that's going to work. So this is Linux. Mint 18, the cinnamon build 64 bit and everything is working just fine, apart from the speakers that's. The only thing that I find that doesn't seem […]

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review (In-Depth) Remix OS version

This one here is the second one and it's the Chui VI, Tien, plus and you'll, see that it comes with an additional keyboard that acts as they stand for the tablet. Now, it's powered by some very common specs here it's got an atom X, 3 zit, 8300. 2 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte, […]

How to Improve Atom Performance. Windows Tweaks & RAM Settings (2016)

Now this particular model I'm using here is heh a 12 it's one of my favorite Chinese tablets because of its great screen, great battery life and full size, USB ports there's a few things you can do just to help the performance a little. Some of these are very obvious, but I'm going to […]

Remix OS 2.0 Vs Android 5.1 Quick Comparison

What is the difference between android 5.1 and android 5.1 remix OS? Well, here is the qu UVI 10 plus, and then is the chewy H I 12. Now the HOA 12 is at the moment running android 5.1, and this is running remix 2. So straight away, you can see some differences here with […]

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Remix OS Unboxing & Keyboard – 3:2 Ratio Atom Tablet

Is it 8300 two gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte emmc? So not really a lot of space on the internal storage, but it is only a single OS and we should have enough room and remix. I think, on two gigabytes of RAM should be reasonably good, but I won't check that out and the […]