UMI Super Review – Helio P10 4GB Smartphone

So this is a mediatek helio p10 powered mobile phone with four gigabytes of RAM let's have a look in detail and see whether the phone is any good or not. The super has a 5.5 inch 1080p screen on the rear you see, it's has a metal housing, we have a fingerprint scanner, do […]

Mi Notebook Air 12 SSD replacement, How to Open & Internals

This should apply to the 13.3 inch model as well, and I'll quickly show the internals and how you can add an extra SSD or upgrade your SSD, so you're going to need a t5 Torx bit and remove all seven Torx screws to gain access to the internals. Now the last screw is really […]

ASUS Zenfone 3 Ultra – After 2 Weeks It’s Time To Part Ways

So I just wanted to give you some thoughts on it now. This green, as you can see, is really nice. I found the performance multitasking. It has been flawless the whole time I have been using it, the key things that I think that most people are going to really like about this mobile […]

GameSir G3s Bluetooth Controller for Android/iOS/PS3/PC Unboxing

I picked up because i'd like to use on all of my devices, so this is the game surge III and i got this one here from geek buying comm and you can see it's quite well packaged up i sent through with free mail. So no taxes, no problems like that. It just takes […]

Vido W10 Elite Stylus VidoPen Unboxing & Test

So let's have a look at it. I'Ll check out the performance of it too in this video, so we can see the build of it. It looks similar to other styluses like that. I'Ll be chewy hypen and the tick last x2 pro in extreme pro stylus very similar. So we go close up. […]

ASUS Zenfone 3 Ultra – 4k video sample low light

Nighttime sample here is wanted to record with all the light reflecting off. The water looks quite nice, so shooting this at 4k. Hopefully, the frame rate is going to keep up. If you would like to see the original of this clip, you can download that and the link in the description. Thank you […]

Cube i7 Book – Windows 10 Anniversary = Palm Rejection Solved!

So the palm projection was really an issue, and in my review of this particular model here the i7 book, I found that there yeah we on the edges of the screen, the palm rejection didn't work at all. There is finally now a fix to that. That has recently just come out, and that […]

Remix OS 3.0 Running on the Vido W10 Elite

0.1, and it does work as you can see, on the video w10 elite here, but there's a couple of things. The screen is inverted, so when you start it up, the screen is going to be the wrong way around. You can see. I'Ve got the webcam right here at the bottom, so that's […]

Cube i7 Book Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Live Boot Test

This is a Linux, Mint and it's the cinnamon build, and that is running here on the cube I seven book now. This was just a request from the channel. Someone asked me in my review comments. Can I run Linux now? Normally I don't do these kind of requests I don't normally mess around […]

Cube 10,000 mAh Power Bank Unboxing & Review

I decided to pick up one of these because I was buying some some other tablets and goods of cube from the cube seller, and I said, okay we'll just just chuck in the battery pack as well, because it's relatively cheap, so let's have a look at it. Here you can see it comes […]

Cube i9 – AUKEY Type-C Hub & iVoler Type-C Charger Test

Hopefully, USB 3 and display out I'm gon na try again. This is going to be. I think my third time trying and that's gon na be the last time I'm gon na try and attempt this, because I tried the Dell type C dock and that didn't actually give me any display out, but […]

Voyo Vbook V3 Review – Yoga Style Pentium N4200 Laptop

Then it had the core m3 and now the third time, with the Apollo Lake Pentium in 4200, which can trigger up to 2.5 gigahertz. It has four gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabyte SSD. So let's have a look at it now in closer detail, so it comes in the super bright fluorescent orange color […]