Cube i6 dual boot teardown build and internal components

The casing offer got around here with a guitar pick all around this outer edge it's very easy to do, and you can quite simply just pull the back cover off and we can have a look at the internals here of the Q by 6. So not bad. At all the build quality, as […]

Xiaomi Mi Max Drop Tested & Peak At Internals

Actually just slid out of my pocket and went crash onto the floor. Probably from about waist height, they were kind of wouldn't, say super high chairs, or anything like that. Luckily, it landed on the the top right hand corner here, and you see there's a bit of damage there and what it did […]

Intel Hades Canyon NUC (NUC8i7HVK) Review and Benchmarks

Let'S start with the specs as there's. Some really interesting hardware in use here, there's an i7 8800 9g processor, which is an eighth generation. Kb Lake G CPU with AMD Radeon Vega, graphics on the same chip and we'll, see how this performs soon in the gaming benchmarks. It'S got four cores with eight […]

Cube i7 Book Internals, Thermal Mod Ideas & Results

If you see my review, you would have seen that it got up to 97 degrees and the reason behind that is, if you have a look at photos that are on the website tech tablets comm, we have up there, there is actually no thermal pad between the Aluminium heat spreader they have on […]

Chuwi Hi8 Teardown, look at internals [4K]

You can see that they touch digitizer here is cracked it's. What I've done it is opened it up and what you need is four Torx screws there on each corner. So you need 84 Torx screw and you can under those four on the corner, and then you just go around with a guitar […]

Cracking open the Chuwi Vi8 – A look at the interior components

I used a plastic opening tool here just to pry open the lid just went all around the outside here very gently and voila the inside of the chewy vi8 the 100 tablet. So you can see here that overall, the battery looks quite cheap and nasty. Well, I'm. Not really sure about nasty, but […]