T-Bao Tbook4 Unboxing And Hands-On Review

For now I had a look at the Tbook air, which was a 12.5 inch in 3450 model. This one here has the same CPU about fourteen point: one inches with a matte screen all metal build on there. Now this one was on sale and I think it's around at the moment 2' on […]

Civiltop Air / T-Bao Tbook Air Review – Best Celeron N3450 Gaming Performance Seen Yet!

5 inch laptop is the civil Book Air, according to my box, but it's also known as the t book air and the Xiaoma 21 from under, but that model has two USB 3 ports on it and a micro SD card anyway. It'S very light. This thing is only one point: zero eight kilos, […]