Lenovo Tab 10e Review: The Best Tablet Under $100

In fact, this is basically the same tablet as that 250 lenovo chromebook duet. So maybe youve heard of that tablet. It was a huge hit and this tablet is basically the sibling of that tablet. It just doesnt come with a keyboard, it doesnt come with the kickstand case or anything like that, but […]

First Look: The Asus ROG Z13 Flow Is a True Detachable Gaming Tablet

And hes got with us one of us Asus. I think most interesting product announcements out of this years, CES. A kind of a twist on something weve seen before, but a pretty new product and youll see why its exciting pretty quickly when he starts talking about it.. This is the ROG Flow Z13. […]

Intel at CES 2022 in 4 minutes

It has a whopping 5.5 gigahertz single core turbo right out of the box and with optimizations for performance cores, we can get above five gigahertz on multi, core performance and well ship. This new enthusiast desktop part to oem customers by the end of this quarter, im thrilled to announce that starting today were […]

Convert Your Raspberry Pi into An Tablet – Raspad 3

com to send me their raspberry to unbox and review it. Presspad is a device that can convert your raspberry pi into a tablet Music, so lets unbox it. So, first of all, we have an assembly guide, protective foam than the rest pad itself. Now let us see what else we have Music okay, […]

Flybywire Udate – Externe MCDU auf Ipad, Tablet, Handy ect. nutzen! MSFS2020

Super ins, flugzeug integrieren wie das, ganze, funktioniert das, zeige, ich dir jetzt, als allererstes solltest du einmal den fly by wire entsprechend updaten dazu nimmst du unbedingt die aktuelle welle band version, guckst dass die version c 442 bei mir jetzt heute, installiert, ist und dann bist du Im prinzip auch schon gut to […]

Onyx Boox Mira 13.3" e-INK MONITOR Review: As Fast as LCD?

3 and above what is the above, well theyve, released a pair of monitors called the mira and the mira pro theyre, 13.3 inches and 25 Inches, respectively and the mira is available right now, onyx first dipped their toe into the secondary, monitor world with the max 13.3 that could actually be utilized as […]


Si te digo que con solo, tener un pc una conexin wifi, a 5 gigahertz y un dispositivo compatible como por ejemplo una tablet, o telfono android te puedes, hacer, tu, propia steam deck, o consola porttil al menos, para jugar, dentro de tu, propia casa, pues, si se Puede y adems es bastante sencillo […]

4 Best Windows tablets in 2022

In this episode, i will show you the four best windows tablets buy in 2022. lets see what we have in this episode go together on number one. We have fusion 5 tablet the supreme individual experience. This most recent version of windows tablet pc from fusion 5, is fully filled with the current easy […]

Chuwi Freebook Review 13.5-inch Convertible Laptop With Active Stylus Support

This is their 13.5 inch convertible laptop. It is called the chuwi free book, so it is powered by the 11th gen Celeron 5100 thats, a quad core, a 6 watt part thats paired up with eight gigabytes of ram. That is in dual channel. It does have a 256 gigabyte to pcie thats, an […]

GMK NUCBox Review Part 2 (Performance portion re-done)!

This is andre of andres tech, time and product reviews with part two of the gmk nut box, and actually i want to offer all of you an apology, because last night i put up a video with the full review of this little micro, pc, powerful palm sized And the performance portion didnt come […]

5 Best 2 in 1 Laptops of 2022 Review Buy on Amazon | Best 2 in-one Laptop Best Convertible Laptops

The best budget, two in one laptop on the market in 2021 device, looks quite good and maintains a very elegant style. The dark, gray color makes it easy to fit into the environment. It has a pleasant coating that prevents the users hands from sliding over the surface. As for the connectivity, the laptop […]

HP Pavilion x360 2 in 1 11 6 Laptop Review 2022

This is a two in one laptop, its 11 inch touchscreen laptop with an intel, pentium processor, four gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes, solid state drive and its regular retail price is 3.99, but best buy. Has it on sale right now, for 2.99, the natural silver finish looks beautiful, and this is a perfect […]