2021 Surface Pro 8 – Unboxing and First Look

The latest tablet from microsoft that adopts the new surface pro x style. Now i also have the signature keyboard with slim pen 2 here, and this came out about a week or so ago. I ordered it as soon as i could, but it was delayed a little bit because of its configuration, so […]

TOP 5: Best School Tablets of 2022

. The amazon fire – is a very affordable range of tablets that are always worth considering buying into while some people might prefer the larger or hd versions here well simply recommend the simplest fire. 7 tablet is its just so cheap its hard to pass it by even better. Is that its reliable […]

Windows 11 Review

Well kind of the update brings a fresh new design, beginning with a new start menu and visual changes throughout the rest of the interface. There are several widgets that show you glanceable news, weather and other handy information, and the new settings app is easier to navigate and the snap assist tool has grown […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 1 YEAR REVIEW | Is It Still Worth It?? | Med Student Reviews

I have been using this tab pretty much every single day and i think its really important that we now review some of the changes that samsung has brought in and whether this tablet is still worth buying in october of 2021, the tab i say theres rumors about It being released between january and […]

Huawei Matebook 14S Review The BEST Business Laptop Of 2021?

I really do like it, but i feel for those that are going to be using a laptop for work and business. This here is even better. This is the macbook 14 s, its got a lot of things on offer more so than this model, its got a 90 hertz ips screen, so it […]

Super POWERFUL AMD Ryzen 9 Mini PC! Chuwi RZBOX Review

Now this has the ryzen 9 4 900 h. Very potent apu has vega 8 graphics, 8 cores 16 threads. Maximum turbo is 4.4 gigahertz. It does come with 16 gigabytes of ram and dual channel a 512 gigabyte mvme ssd, and you can also add another one too. If you wish to expand upon […]

Surface Laptop Studio Review: Rebooting The Laptop

I learned something about myself this week and tell me if you think this applies to you as well. When it comes to my technology, i like devices that change state a wearable camera whose remote turns into a tripod a drone that collapses to be carried a phone that converts into a tablet or […]

HP Chromebook X2 11 – Surface Style Chrome OS Tablet

This is the hp chromebook x211. It has a detachable keyboard and pen and it looks a lot like a microsoft surface device, but it is running, chrome os and were going to take a closer look at what this tablet is all about in just a second. But i do want to let you […]

Drawing on the Surface Laptop Studio Review

Is this the dream windows computer ive been looking for? Lets. Take a look at it, hello. My name is brad. I review tech for creative professionals and im just gon na cut to it and spill the beans. Here. I love this thing. This computer feels like it was built for me: ive been […]

Xiaomi Pad 5! O TABLET da XIAOMI que FALTAVA! Acertaram em CHEIO! Review Completo!

Do me: pede cinco que vocs pediram e que no muita polmica, no vdeo de unboxing porque muita gente ficou. Bravo comigo na verdade Joo, a gente viu muitas reclamaes falando Becker voc, um menino bobo voc disse que esse tablet, tem a borda muito grande voc, um menino mal voc disse que no bom […]

TABLET KENCANG buat harian (kerja, gaming, sampe meeting online hajar!!) – Review Huawei Matepad 11

Limiting online gue settingan videonya kamera belakang bisa maksimal forkey 30fps dan kamera, depannya 1080p 30fps aja Hai, Oke ini, adalah, contoh, video kamera, depannya yang mana, Ini, gua, posisinya, tuh, adalah, landscape, dan ngeliatnya, ke, tengah, tengah, sini, Enak, gitu, Karena, kameranya, ya, bener di tengah, tengah, sini, Gnti dari awal gue, bilang ya, […]

An Awesome $129 10.4" Android Tablet For Gaming & Emulation

4 inch, android tablet from alduque known as the k pad. One of the big reasons i wanted to take a look at this was price. This is coming in at around 130 dollars and with the specs. This has. This will definitely compete with the new 2021 amazon fire 10 hd and with something […]