⚡️ Best Drawing Tablets on Amazon in 2022 (Top 5)

Some people swear by Wacom tablets, While others prefer other brands in this post were going to take a look at top 5 best drawing tablets and help you decide which one is best for you, whether youre a beginner or an experienced artist. Theres. Definitely a tablet out there for you to find out […]

New & Improved from Wacom: The Cintiq Pro 27” Creative Display

Well take a look at the new Wacom cintiq Pro 27.. This new entry to the cintiq pro lineup Builds on previous features such as improved pen, performance and multi touch performance, but also brings favorable updates to the creative pen display, most notably a 120 hertz refresh rate 10 bit color 98 coverage in […]

The state of PS4 Emulation and more…

Well, kick things off here with a quick update about the status of PlayStation 4 emulation, and I get asked this one a heck of a lot currently PlayStation formulation is an extremely early stages of development. I wouldnt expect to be playing your favorite PlayStation 4 games via emulator anytime soon. Now there are […]

The Best MacBook Just Got WAY BETTER. But How?

Yes, even better than the M1 and M2 MacBook airs and cutting right to the chase, its the late 2021 Apple silicon, MacBook, Pros and Ive held off on making this video for a while, mainly because, although it is a great laptop, the price was just too high For most people, but then Apple […]

Mouse Gaming Murah Terbaik dari Rexus ! | Unboxing & Review Arka II RX-107

000, Kalau nggak, salah untuk rilisnya nanti, nggak, nyampe, 3000 untuk mouse gaming, kayak gini yang unik, dari, sini, ya, yang kita, Tahu Arka 1 juga boxnya, kayak, gini ya, Jadi kita pakai lunch box, gitu untuk dapat di paket, pembeliannya sampainya, tuh, enggak, pakai, kardus, ya, langsung, kayak, gini, aja, gitu, ada Bubble, wrap, […]

✅Best Laptop for Graphic Design 2022 | Best 10 Laptop for Graphic Design in 2022 – Laptops Review

We have included links in the description, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number. One MacBook Pro 2021 MacBook Pro 2021 is considered one of the best, a top tier graphic design, Behemoth that has a legacy of creative applications that artists trust […]

Best USB Hubs On Amazon 2022 । Top 5 Best USB Hubs Review

Picking out a hub to fit all of your needs can definitely be a hassle, but were positive that youll be able to find a perfect match in this lineup. There are many products available to choose USB hubs, each with various attributes, advantages and costs to assist you with pursuing an educated choice. I […]

Reviewing YOUR iPad Desk Setups !

So this first submission is from Christopher Lolly whos, another iPad YouTuber, and if you havent checked this stuff out, you really surely does lots of Deep dive stuff. But this setup is absolutely gorgeous and thanks Chris, for sending in the HDR photos, so we can see outside the window really nicely. This setup […]

Análisis de las PRUEBAS de Ryzen 7000, Fecha y PRECIO de ARC A770, La REINA de este canal, y más

Se admiten reembolsos y servicios al cliente Si la clave, no es vlida por cualquier cosa se puede devolver el dinero, perfectamente el mtodo de pago es de tarjeta de crdito, o PayPal, aprovechar la oferta tambin el 62 de descuento en muchos productos, Aqu tienes, un cupn descuento. Para ms informacin y el cupn […]


Gnome shells, unified menu, was introduced back in Dome 3, but it has not changed dramatically until now. First comes quick, toggles. The new, quick toggles status bar makes it easier to turn on or off common settings like Wi, Fi, Bluetooth and power mode, as well as options that were not previously included in […]

Leven 2.5 inch SATA SSD 256GB JS 600 Pro JSD600 with DRAM Cache Review

T Wingnut and today I wanted to give you a quick look at the 11 JS 600 Pro, which is basically the same as the js600, which I reviewed previously a two terabyte, as well as a 128 gigabyte model and uh long story short. The endurance was pretty good, but the performance uh left […]


000 jadi sebesar 10 dari harga iPad, mini 6 Ini, Nanti, untuk link, nya akan, saya, taruh di deskripsi ya By the way kalau untuk Unboxing, produk Apple, itu, paling, enak, guys, jadi tidak, butuh cutter, teman, teman, tinggal, buka, untuk, Greenville nya tinggal dibuka cukup, keras, Wah sobek, guys untuk unitnya ini, kita, akan, […]