New PC + Keyboard + Mouse Review!

This actually took like so much longer than i’ve wanted it to take like i’ve, actually been urging to just like plug this thing in and see how it runs out. But i swear i’ve been waiting and waiting patiently to try to find a good time to record when i’m gon na record the […]

갤럭시탭에도 드디어 그분이 오셨습니다. – Clip Studio Paint for Android Review!

. There was very good news for these people With the announcement of the Galaxy Tab s7, which was released in August. It was the news that the really famous program Clip Studio will be released as the Galaxy Tab. Clip Studio is a program that I have never used, but I have heard the […]

Dragon Touch Vision 3- Action Camera Review

I got this action camera from my fiance for christmas and uh we’re, going to do a little bit of an unboxing and i’m going to do. My review and personal opinion on it so let’s jump right into the video all right so before we even get into the box. Let’S just take a […]

[OLED 노트북으로 작업하기] 장인은 도구를 가리지 않는다는데… 그림은 장비빨!!

. I was sponsored to do a review on ASUS Zen Book. Flip S laptop this time.. We love you ASUS. I will work on an illustration on the laptop And try to review how it actually works.. I wanted to work at a cafe or somewhere outside to film myself, But because of the […]

HP EliteBook x360 1040 G7 Review | 14inch Touchscreen 2 in 1 Notebook

360. 1040. G7. However, only comes in one color, organic silver. It is just what it sounds like conventional silver color for an aluminum notebook. I have said for years that i would really like to see hp boat, its company pcs in warmer colors, as we see in the spectre lineup, but being a […]

Add Google Assistant to an Amazon Fire Tablet (2021) | Hands Free

This is justin from simply smart, where we make smart home technology as easy as one two three. So, if you’re interested in smart home technology consider subscribing for more content like this, like i said in the beginning, what we’re going to be doing is installing the google assistant on an amazon fire tablet […]

Philips Hue Loses To an £8 Smart Home Product From Tesco

Oh thank god. I thought i thought it was it’s. Crap that’s, fine, everybody is fine, it’s crap, but now the supermarkets are getting in on the game, hark the sound of many ceos, buttholes clenching and their buttholes are clenching, because both tesco and lidl are now doing. Smart home ranges and the prices […]

Squid Review: Tab S6 Lite | Best Note Taking App?

We’Re gon na do a review about a very famous note. Taking app and the name of the app is squid. I have with me the samsung galaxy tab, s6 lite guys so let’s start. So i will open it so, first of all what you can do here, you can create as many folder […]

Rasperry Pi 400 Review: Ein kompletter PC in einer kleinen Tastatur –

Mehr oder weniger da gab es ja, noch netzteil dazu waren die riesending da gab’s noch ein externes laufwerk dazu war, auch ein riesending, entweder fnf viertel, zoll, diskette ein floppy drive oder aber kassette die data city ist das glaube, ich bei commodore heute gibt es wieder einen Kompletten computer in einer, tastatur und […]

Samsung galaxy chromebook Is It Worth1000$ 2020 Laptop/tablet

13.3 inches 4k ultra hd. So this is a 2020 model and we have the laptop charger and quick start guide. So, as you can see, shout out to samsung, so yeah let’s get to reviewing the good things and bad things about it and see if it’s worth a thousand dollars, so i bought […]


900 oggi andremo, a vedere questo telefono che sar l’altro che avr, a mia disposizione come oggetto da usare da vendere durante la challenge Da zero, a pc gamer tuttavia per questo video vedremo, come come. Smartphone come si comporta e se vale la pena, comprarlo e per chi rivolto in ogni caso se siete […]

Remarkable 2 FAQ's | Tips, Tricks & Everything That You Need Know About The Remarkable 2

We have like over 150 000 views. You have questions. I’Ve got answers, here’s faq on remarkable, hey everybody, greg winter egg. Here, ceo matterhorn business development, welcome back to the channel, be sure to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell, so you don’t miss any of the content that we’re pumping out […]