Juegos Gratis para PC, PS4, Switch y Ofertas Navideñas 2020!

Con juegos y ofertas que vamos a estar actualizando en estos das. As que vean el link en la descripcin empezando por los juegos gratuitos en van a encontrar, a prisin architect, es un juego que nos pone, a disear la prisin de una, manera, efectiva es un juego bastante entretenido que nos permite, […]

GPD Win Max Review – Handheld Windows Gaming PC with i5-1035G7 Processor

This is a hand held windows. Pc it’s running with an intel ice lake, processor and it’s got an integrated game controller and it can actually play some games fairly decently and there’s. A lot of expansion opportunities on this as well to even use it as a desktop computer and we’re going to be […]

Reviewing My New *$1300* PC! 💵

Actually, since i last uploaded, that is, there is a reason for that. Don’T worry, um, you’ve, probably read the title, and yes, that is the exact reason. Two weeks ago i went and ordered this pc um. Now originally the price of it was 1 300. I presented to you the microsoft surface, pro […]

Corsair 4000D Airflow Casing Review – Does it Keep Temps Low?

It needs to support a full atx motherboard because of the nature of our work here at mob house. I need all of the connectivity options that come with a full atx motherboard number two. It needs to be a mid tower or smaller, because i need all the desk space. I can get for […]

Creeper World 4 Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

My name is eelwood and today we’re taking a look at creeper world 4, a brand new fourth installment of a surprisingly popular indie series that was requested over a year ago by one of our og viewers. So, as always, let us answer the ultimate question. Is it worth your time so creeper world […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Drop Test!

Video on this um stupid, samsung, galaxy tabby, so i’ve spent days now trying to get this thing, bypassed google lock wise and i just can’t, so i give up. I i just completely give up trying to get the sing bypassed um and i found it the att bin, so i don’t even care […]

Dragon Touch Notepad 102 Tablet Full Review!!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another video of life made easy. I know i’ve been switching over to xbox content, but i still needed to bring you guys a full in depth. Review of the notepad 102 tablet by a company called dragon touch that sent me out this tablet, so i did already […]

Why Doesn't Apple Create Gaming PCs?

Bungie was originally a mac developer before microsoft, purchased them and apple’s. App store is quite possibly the biggest market for games on earth, so with apple doing so well in the mobile market and continuing to find success with their computers. Why haven’t? They ever released a gaming computer today, we’re going to answer […]

Raspberry Pi 400 Review – Terug naar keyboard-pc's

Een, raspberry, pi, maar dan gentegreerd in een toetsenbord en gek genoeg wordt die daar veel sneller van Muziek, onlangs kan de raspberry pi foundation met een, nieuwe versie van de raspberry primer, dan flink, anders dan dat en eigenlijk kennen want. We kennen mag een kleine single boordcomputer en nu hebben ze een gentegreerd […]

PC gaming ergonomics: Should you use a wrist rest for your keyboard or mouse?

One thing we asked you about recently is whether or not you should use a wrist rest with your keyboard or your mouse. Some keyboards come with them. Some mouse pads come with them, but are they actually ergonomic uh? The answer to this one, as is the answer to a lot of the questions […]

Alldocube Iplay 30 Pro Tablet Unboxing

12 save. So i have here the package so actually on friday, Music. So here it goes: Music, Music, m Music. Oh, oh so guys this one’s uh a description, so this was around ten thousand Music Music, um Music, so Music, Music, uh, Music, so Music keyboard Music is Music or whatever Music. So […]


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