Netgear XR500 Router Duma OS Walkthrough/Tutorial

So if you have something like an xr500 gaming router or even some of their lower end routers, you are able to control many features of your home network to make sure you’re getting the maximum download and upload speeds possible for the service that you’re paying for and Also, just have a ton of […]

Recensione GMK Nucbox, il PC 4K più piccolo al mondo

0 quindi significher che potremmo anche andare ad espandere quest’ultima con un dongle che permetter per l’appunto di andare, a cambiare questo unica porta in svariate porte ad ogni modo cavo sufficientemente lungo all’incirca, un paio di metri ben costruito ben realizzato e poi ovviamente la nostra. Macchina principale e kato non ci, sia all’interno […]

É triste, mas é melhor VC desativar isso no Android 😞

A voc, no quer com, essas gasta se dinheiro voc, pega, a verso pirata isso, a bem complicado que voc corre um grande risco de baixar junto com, isso aplicar, malware pode vir ao que vai ferrar com, o seu smartphone, pode, um, trabalho, smartphone logo, assim mas pode, Roubar informaes e o aparelho informaes […]

IEPWriter Highlights

It allows you to accomplish tasks quickly and easily from your pc or tablet anywhere with internet access. Iep writer helps you manage each step of the iep process. All in one system let’s explore some of the highlights. Our system has to offer the dashboard displays information relevant to your action items and student […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano Update

I knew that lenovo had a winner on their hands. This pretty much in my opinion, is the ultra book to beat, and by that i mean it is the most portable and capable machine ever made now. Vaio does some amazing things in this space as well so i’m waiting to see what they […]


Do WhatsApp WhatsApp ver n que aquele WhatsApp para contatos profissionais a hoje, a gente vai estar criando um catlogo de venda dentro do aplicativo esse catlogo vai, ser vivo, para voc, t orientando, melhor, a os seus clientes de uma forma simples e fcil, a gente vai estar Fazendo isso junto com, voc, explicando, […]

Best iPad Keyboard 2021 | Magic Keyboard Alternative?

We can jump straight to the video without wasting any time. Do check out the description for more info and its pricing. Logitech is no newcomer to compact keyboards and we’ve personally owned more than a few models. The k380 is a fabulous all around keyboard. It can connect to up to three separate devices, […]

Chromebook News – The Latest news about Chromebooks, Chromebox and Chrome OS

First of all, with some good news, i’ve been using a chromebook since 2011 and i was really into it from the very beginning, because i knew i wanted something different to what microsoft offered now that wasn’t the same for everyone. Even a lot of the tech review companies at the time were not […]

INI SEBAB KENAPA orang beli LAPTOP cecah RM 20,000 !

000 20.000 tuh harga tebus, biji, pro2 Asia, yang paling, basic gotube, aku, begitu, jikalau, menyentuh, tak, dinafikan betul; yes, laptop sanga, sanga power, tetapi, boleh, jadi, kita, tak, gunakan, khas, Paul ataupun, spek, yang, Paul, jatuh, sedangkan kita. Just nak gunakan untuk spesifik tas contoh macam, kita, Jason, obat, obat presentation, untuk, mahasiswa, akan, […]


As que el da de hoy vamos, a estar haciendo la review del mouse justamente de issues que estuvimos haciendo la apertura del otro da antes de que arranquemos este vdeo tengo un pequeo pequeo anuncio de parte de un, sponsor en este caso led y jobs. Muy bien ya: estamos casi casi en san […]


No lo s entretengo ms y empezamos, con el vdeo calculo que ya conoce de los componentes de una, pc y si no te. Lo recuerdo procesador madre por tarjeta grfica en caso de que tu procesador, no tenga, grficos integrados, o no los uses memoria ram. Unidades de almacenamiento, o sea discos, rgidos y […]

StarCade 2.0 Playlist Review! | Kongs R Us Custom Launchbox/Bigbox Playlist! Easy to install!

0 playlist by be kong or, as you probably know him, by kong’s rs on youtube. So what is the starrcade 2.0 playlist? What it basically is is a box big box setup, where you essentially just put everything in its place, follow the instructions to set it up given to you, by b, with […]