Migliori Tecnologie Dell'Anno 2020!

I primi mesi dell’anno alla miriade di smartphone dei quali assistevamo un lancio praticamente ogni settimana oggi ho voluto stilare una selezione di quelle, che apre, il mio sono state le migliori e pi importanti tecnologie del 2020, non sono in ordine di importanza, anche perch, sono, tutte, un Po relative, a mercati e categorie […]

REVIEW Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i, Kecil-kecil Cabe Rawit!

00, ya, jam 6.00 jam 5. An itu dia baru low dan minta untuk diisi dayanya Lenovo Yoga slime act, juga, punya, beberapa, fitur, yang pertama, itu dia, udah, pakai, elektrikal, seater, electrical parts, ya, terjadi, ada, apresiator, kameranya, itu enggak, lagi, ada di atas, Webtoon, tapi, udah, secara, elektrikal, dan tombolnya, ada di sebelah; […]

HUAWEI MatePad 10,4 Zoll, 2K FullView Display, Wifi Tablet-PC, HUAWEI Share, eBook Modus, 4 Spe…

li fr meine augen aller erste sahne Musik auch, an der tonqualitt gibt es nichts auszusetzen meine empfehlung Musik lesen, sie, weiter, Musik ein tablet, von huawei, 10, 1 zoll gro mit fingerabdruck sensor und modernem, android, hrt, sich, alles, Ganz vernnftig an der angebotspreis von zirka, 200 euro ebenfalls nachdem, ich vor jahren den […]

Unboxing Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet – 10.1” 1080p Blue

This is the 32 gig version, we’ll be just doing an unboxing. Today, i won’t be going through a whole setup. That will be probably a video here in the future uh. This says this for kids, three and up otherwise uh. This is uh the kingdom fire we’re gon na go ahead here, i’ll […]

Máy tính bảng Teclast M40 – Giá rẻ, màn hình to, cấu hình khủng, giá chỉ hơn 3 triệu!

L, Unicef, t68 Ci, ny n c Antutu, khong 20.000 ri ngoi ra, th b, sn phm mnh s c c, tng km, n mt, ci bn, phm, bluetooth, Rt, tic, l, sn, phm, ny n, khng c mt ci, ngy, gn bn, phm m, ci bn, phm, ny N ri mt trm, phn, trm, […]

A Plague Tale Innocence Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Xbox Game Pass]

The game is inheriting its xbox one x enhancement, which is a temporal solution that takes 1440p up to 2160., so that’s kind of interesting to think about there’s, also hdr support built into this and yeah. It runs at 30 fps, so this is actually a wonderful narrative, driven adventure that follows this young […]

Odroid Go Super First Look, Test & Teardown

Colonel just announced that this will be releasing at the end of january 2021 and if you’re not familiar with the odroid, go advances in general. This is the last one that was released personally i’m. A big fan of these little handheld units and the odroid go advanced black edition, which i have right […]


Para fotos imgenes en cualquier funcin del mvil, pero sobre todo, para jugar, a tus juegos preferidos y, a cualquier juego porque. He querido amigo este telfono, va a correr te cualquier juego por mucho que sea un juego con grficos sper potentes y que exijan mucho recursos este telfono es casi un ordenador y […]

Die neue Konsole von KFC! KFCONSOLE 4K 240FPS soll besser als PS5 & Xbox Series X werden…

So weiter und sagt ja, auch und sohn, klick ist vorbei, wir kommen, jetzt, oder pepsi gaming, sagt sowie selbst, cyber punk, 20 75 luft bei uns, auf unserer, konsole, besser, als auf der playstation, oder xbox, also da luft, auf jeden fall momentan, so ein kleiner wie die Frage die ich mir aber stelle […]

Best Tablet of The Year 2020 – SURPRISE!!

Now 2020 has been an interesting year. It’S been the year when many people were introduced to tablets or many people decided to finally pick up a tablet simply because you know we’re all doing kind of everything from home now and many of those people kind of knew why they wanted a tablet. But […]

Teclast M40 Review Just 140€ But BETTER Than The iPlay30?

So this one is powered by the unisock it’s an octa core it’s, the t618. It has melee g52 graphics and the screen on this is ips. It is 10.1 inches. The resolution is 1920×1200. Now this screen is sadly not fully laminated. I didn’t know until i got it if it was going to […]

Surface Go 2 Unboxing. Still the undisputed Compact pc for 2021?!

Today we have an unboxing of the microsoft surface, pro 2, not only that, but we also gon na unbox the signature type cover for it in poppy red the el cantara version uh. Sorry, i haven’t been posting in a while, but i have been busy with my other uh, my other, outside of […]