Onda v919 3G Core M Intel GFX Display Scaling Issues (Help!)

This is the under v. 9 19 3d corium in front of me here now I'm having a few problems, but their displays scaling and I've been trying to run some steam games and anything. But the native resolution results in this horrible yeah, look at it horrible resolution it's just squeezing it down or […]

PiPo W8 Core M Benchmarks and closer look

Considering it is just a 64 gigabyte SSD, there is a 128 gigabyte option and the 4k speeds there are 43 right and 40 24 sorry read in about it or tooie. That says it did not too bad, actually better than DQ. Now the brand of the SSD is for C, which is a […]

Surface 3 Vs Surface 3 cooled by a USB fan.

I have the two gigabyte surface, as you can see here is on the left, and this is the four gigabyte version here. What I thought is hooked up a fan. Now you put a hood on this surface three pro that you can hook up a little fan like this, and you can help […]

Onda v116w Core M Review

Let you know my thoughts on the tablet. I'Ve been using it now for 13 days, so just shy of two weeks and their performance of the quorum is good, quite a good processor. I do like that processor and it's nice and fast for doing all your activities and things you would do on […]

Surface 3 Atom X7 Z8700 4GB Quick Unboxing and Hands on

Now I ordered this from a retail chain here in Spain and it's supposed to come with the keyboard, but unfortunately they've just shipped me out the tablet itself. I don't know what's going on now, better call them up and tell them that the keyboard isn't missing and yeah this taking a while to […]

Atom X7 Z8700 Vs Atom Z3775 Geekbench and 3DMark

This one here is these: it 3775 it's the bay trail, so the generation before the newer cheery trail here, which is another Atom CPU. You can see here that the differences between them almost next to nothing so speed wise when it's running with the CPU single core and the multi core scores, there's, […]

Chuwi Hi8 Pro Unboxing & Screen Vs Vi8 Plus

This a few do recall was actually delayed by Chile because they had some problem with the display. I don't know what the problem was, but anyway it's. Finally, here now to take a little while because I actually got it sent from Aliexpress via snail mail and it was on the slow boat, so […]

My Thoughts On The Surface Pro 4 M3 After A Week Of Use

This is the m3 model. This is the 899 us worm with the 128 gigabyte SSD on there, 4 gigabytes of RAM I've been using it now for about a week just wanted to give you my thoughts and opinions on this tablet here. So overall, using this thing is just blowing me away. Actually, […]

Surface Pro 4 i5 Vs Surface Pro 4 M3 Comparison

So that says, four gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabyte SSD and this one has 8 gigabytes of RAM and the 256 gigabyte SSD and, of course, has the i 5. So the a5 is first with a base model. Looking at the base models is a hundred us more than the m3, but of course […]

Surface Pro 4 i5 Fan Noise – A Deal Breaker?

This is the i5 version, so it's got the 6300. U in it and a gigabytes of RAM. Now, what I'm doing here is just trying to test just how loud the fan gets because it's one of the main questions I had before, I actually got this tablet. I just wanted to know. How […]

Surface Pro 4 M3 Fallout 4 Gameplay & Crash Leaving Vault 111

I'M running this editor 1280 by 800 in windowed mode. I couldn't get it to run in full screen and all the settings are on the lowest and the frame counter right up here, fraps so I'm, using just to display the framerate. So this is just inside vault 111 I'll try to have no […]

Surface Pro 4 Core M3 6Y30 Gaming, Benchmarks, Temps & Throttling

So, to show you quickly, my device manager just to show the destroyed that I have on board is the nvm II Samsung Drive and because it's, the hundred and twenty eight gigabyte version it's not particularly fast. These speeds are actually very disappointing for the price of this machine. I'D really wish Microsoft had […]