Asus T200TA: How to fit standard 2.5″ HDD/SSD in The T200TA dock

Now you can actually fit in a larger Drive here. This is not an object. Slim Drive. I have a vertex port here that I managed to fit in to the hard drive bay, but I did not use the adapter at all. So I'll show you how it looks fits in here quite snug […]

Are Intel Optane Laptops Worth It? Real World Testing!

To test? This out Im using an HP 15 laptop, its got an Intel, i7 8550U CPU 4GB of memory and Nvidia MX130 graphics. For storage. The primary disk and boot drive is a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive, but this is paired with a 16gb Intel, Optane module, which is what were going to be […]

Does Disk Speed Affect Gaming? SSD vs HDD vs NAS Benchmarks

Personally, I run most of my games off of my nose. It'S got a lot of space and I can easily use the same files across many different computers without having to copy anything. It'S got me interested in finding out if this affects performance at all, so I've done a series of tests to […]

Cube i7 Stylus – How to upgrade the 64GB SSD. Plus look at internals

Who gave me this tip here, which is actually a really good one, because they had a lot of trouble trying to get started the process of opening it up so the best place to start using your prying tool is right here. Next to the actual volume rocker and just go along here once […]