Mi 6X Review – Great Mobile Despite Its Flaws

We don't really know that it has not been confirmed by Xiaomi at this point, but based on the fact that the 5x turned out to be the A1 it's quite possible. So this mobile here from them has a focus on being slim light with good cameras, it's a mid range er. It has […]

Xiaomi Mi 6X – After 24 hours FAQ, Battery Life, Low Light, Vs Redmi Note 5

Now, I probably will actually do a full comparison, but a lot of people have been asking me things like better life, camera performance, which one should they get so I'll, try and cover that now, because I have been using this phone now for the last 12 hours Or so well actually know a […]

Redmi Note 5 Review – Crazy Good For The Price!

Note 5, so i've been using it for over a week, and this truly is, in my opinion, the best budget phone that you will find priced around 220 us, at least this is the cost of my model here with the 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of Storage now this has qualcomm's latest […]

Redmi Note 6 Pro Review – Good Phone But Not An Upgrade!

So looking out the lenses on the back of both of these devices, the same exact setup, so we have that secondary 5 megapixel camera. Then we have the main 12 megapixel one which I believe will be the same Samsung that's on there. Now that has 1.4 micrometer size pixels, it does have phase […]