Realme X3 SuperZoom Vs Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Camera Comparison

X3 super zoom up against the k30 pro zoom, so both of these do have optical zoom cameras. So, with the k30 pro zoom, the main sensor is the exact same one with the poco f2 pro. However, it does have optical image stabilization. It is the sony imx686. The zoom camera is eight megapixels […]

Updating My Snapdragon 865 GPU Drivers With Before & After Results!

Now Qualcomm they are pushing out updates for the Audrina 650 or will be to manufacturers. Charmy is one of the first I believe or the first to actually let us have and test out and install the driver update, but it's only on three devices. So far so we're talking about Chinese phones here […]

Redmi K30 Pro Review An Impressive Phone!

Now it doesn't have a 90 Hertz refresh rate screen on this, which would have been absolutely perfect, and then I think Xiaomi could have really dominated with this phone. It only has really one weakness if you can get over the fact that it's just got a 60 Hertz screen on it, it's a […]