Realme 6 Pro Review (Global Version April OTA Update)

So if you're, not a fan of mediatek it's, probably the model to go for it also has a 8 2 megapixel front facing ultra wide camera. In addition to that 16 and megapixel one so, yes, the cutout here is wider. On the screen. There is a 2 times optical rear camera. It has […]

Realme X3 SuperZoom FULL REVIEW 5x Periscope 120hz Flagship KILLER!

Flagship I've been testing it for a week now. This is a review unit that was sent out to me. So we have a five times: optical periscope, zoom camera. It can zoom up to ten times. Hybrid zoom and even right up to sixty times digital. It has a 120 Hertz IPS screen powered […]

Realme 6 Review 90hz Smoothness For Just €219!

Of course, a phone that now sets the standard for budget phones in terms of the specs we're getting for the price point. So this is selling in Europe for 219 euros and it's got a 19 Hertz screen in it. That'S right ninety hurt refresh rate in a budget phone. It also has a […]

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Vs Realme X2 Pro Comparison

Me me no 210, but a lot of you have been asking for this video, so I'm gon na go over other things like the build quality, the cameras, the displays and battery life of these two it's just going to be a quick comparison to see which one Is better at what and that […]

Realme X2 Pro Review – The Killer Value Flagship

But you cannot deny that the real me x2 Pro that I've had now for a few days and been using non stop as a True Value flagship here, that it does have some killer specs for the price, so that dragon 855 Plus, which is of course, welcomes Latest and androids best chipset, we […]

Realme X2 Pro Unboxing & Detailed Hands-On

We'Ll be x2 Pro launch event in Madrid here and I do have, as you can see, Abe review unit. So in this video I'm going to unbox real meas new flagship, the x2 pro powered by snapdragon 855. Now because this is a loan review unit from them, it has the maximum speak. Naturally, […]

Realme 5 Pro Review – Better Than The Redmi Note 8 Pro?

3 Pro, yes, I know it was a late review, but it was my first taste at real Me's phones and I did enjoy this phone apart from the fact that it has micro USB in 2019 and a plastic rear. But I have with me now the real me 5 Pro, so this has […]

Realme 3 Pro In-Depth Review

Definitely the case here with the real me: 3 prohm a little late, because this phone came out in may and june. But what I've got with me is the global version. This is the official global ROM. Now, if you're unfamiliar with the specs of this phone, it has a Snapdragon, 710, 4 gigabytes […]