Realme 6 Vs Redmi Note 9S Comparison (In-Depth)

So in the room is six: we have the heli og9 TT up against the qualcomm snapdragon, the 720 g, very different chips here, we're talking about a eight nanometer process up against a twelve nanometer process. Both of these models here i'm reviewing have four gigabytes of ram and then a sixty four gigabytes […]

Realme 6 Vs Redmi Note 9S Camera Comparison

So this would be a little bit different to my other camera comparisons, where I was free to move around town honestly, I can't do that at the moment, under lockdown it's, just around my backyard here, my garden and in the side as well so it's gon na Be a little different, but still […]

Realme 6 Review 90hz Smoothness For Just €219!

Of course, a phone that now sets the standard for budget phones in terms of the specs we're getting for the price point. So this is selling in Europe for 219 euros and it's got a 19 Hertz screen in it. That'S right ninety hurt refresh rate in a budget phone. It also has a […]