Razer Blade 2018 Gaming Laptop Review – Worth the price?

One gigahertz and single core workloads or 3.9 gigahertz in all core workloads. The sixteen gig of ddr4 memory running at two thousand six hundred sixty six megahertz and dual channel and all models of the twenty eighteen razorblade are advertised with dual channel memory, which is great to see fit. The storage there's, a […]

Razer Blade 2018 Gaming Benchmarks – 15 Games Tested!

I'Ll cover off the main specs in the laptop there's, an Intel i7 8750 h6 core CPU 16 gig of ddr4 memory running at 2600, 66 megahertz in dual channel and m2 nvme SSD and nvidia 1070 max q, graphics, although it's also available with the 1060 max q. So expect lower results with that […]

New Razer RTX Gaming Laptops! 240Hz and OLED

Razer are stepping into the Nvidia RTX 20 sequence graphics recreation with some new configurations of their common Razer Blade gaming laptop computer, together with 240Hz and 4K OLED display screen choices. I'll additionally try Razer's prototype Tomahawk Elite case and their new Raptor gaming monitor. Examine RTX Laptop computer Costs: US: UK: Examine these […]

Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Hands On

Check out Today's best deals on gadgets HERE – MORE CES COVERAGE This is a hands on look at the newly announced Razer Blade gaming laptop. This laptop features a 17.3-inch high resolution display, Intel Core i7 processor and more in a thin (0.8-inch) & light (6.6 pound) chassis. Here are more specs on the […]

Unboxing The World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop…

The new Razer Blade 15 for 2018 is the thinnest gaming laptop I've ever seen. Get your complete hair kit for just $5: While supplies lasts. See website for full details. The Razer Blade 15 packs GTX 1070 graphics into a 4.5 pound, 0.66 inch package. The new Razer Blade 15 is available in multiple […]

Unboxing The New $1600 Razer Blade Stealth

This Is My Favorite Smartphone Accessory RIGHT NOW – In this video I take a look at the new Razer Blade Stealth laptop. The Blade Stealth featured in this video is the 13.3-inch version but it also comes in a 12.5-inch version as well. It features the latest intel core processors, a touch screen, matte […]

The Most Insane Gaming Laptop

MSI GT75 (USA Link) – MSI GT75 (International) – Unboxing the MSI GT75 an absolute beast of a gaming laptop. _________________________________________ WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… Unboxing Every iPhone XR Unboxing a $1300 Professional Fighting Robot Is The Pixel 3 A Scratch Magnet? This Smartphone Will Change Everything… Is This The Most Underrated Smartphone Right Now? […]

Unboxing Jack’s New Laptop…

Jack got a new MacBook Pro. Would you like to meet Jack? _________________________________________ WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… Is The LG V30 The Most Underrated Smartphone? The Best Wireless Headphones You Can Buy Right Now Unboxing The Samsung Galaxy S9 Clone It Has Double The Battery of iPhone X The Mind Blowing 33 Million Pixel Display… […]

Unboxing The $4000 Razer Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade Pro (USA Link) – Razer Blade Pro (International) – Razer has created a sleek 17-inch gaming laptop that packs GTX 1080 graphics and 4K display. Will the Razer Blade Pro be your next gaming laptop? FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Google Plus –

World’s Most Powerful Gaming Tablet? — Razer Edge Pro Unboxing & Overview

PRICING & AVAILABILITY Razer Edge Pro – Gamepad Controller for Razer Edge – Docking Station for Razer Edge – This is an unboxing and overview of the new Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet. The Razer Edge is possibly the World's most powerful gaming tablet. It also features a unique set of accessories including the Razer […]

Razer Blade 2018 vs ASUS Zephyrus M – Gaming Laptop Comparison

Which laptop should you buy? The Razer Blade 2018 or ASUS Zephyrus M? Both are high powered thin gaming laptops with 144Hz displays, good batteries, good graphics, and 6 core Intel i7-8750H CPUs. This comparison will cover the good and bad parts of both laptops to help you decide which one you should buy. Check […]