MSI Bravo 15 (4600H + 5500M) Tested In 20 Games!

But just how well does it perform in games? Ive tested it in 20 different titles and compared it with other gaming laptops to show you the differences.. All testing was done with the highest performance mode and coolerboost enabled for best results. Microsoft. Flight simulator was tested in the Sydney landing challenge.. This is […]

MSI Bravo 15 – You Probably Shouldn’t Buy This Gaming Laptop

MSIs, Bravo 15 is one of the few all AMD gaming laptops available with both 6 core Ryzen processor and Radeon RX 5500M graphics. But there are some important issues you need to know about before. Considering it. Its got a black brushed metallic finish both on the lid and interior., Its a little cheap […]

MSI Alpha 15 In 2020? Price Drop + Driver Updates!

Alright. So first off lets discuss the price drop. You can find updated prices linked in the description.. When I reviewed the Alpha 15 last year, it was 1000 USD for the cheaper configuration or 1100 USD for the specs that I tested.. This is the same price as the Acer Helios 300, which lets […]

GTX 1660 Ti vs RX 5500M – Gaming Laptop Comparison

You decide which is worth it. Lets, take a look at how the laptop GTX 1660 Ti and RX 5500M differ in terms of specs. Things like clock, speeds, CUDA cores and Stream Processors arent directly, comparable simply due to architecture differences. Its worth, noting that the 5500M has 4Gb of GDDR6 memory, while the […]

MSI Alpha 15 Review – RX 5500M Gaming Laptops Are Here!

In this detailed review. Youll find out the good and bad sides of this combination, and there are definitely some important things. Youll want to know before buying. Ive got the A3DDK version of the Alpha 15, so theres an AMD Ryzen, 7 3750H quad core CPU, the new Radeon RX, 5500M graphics, 16gb of […]

MSI Alpha 15 Thermal Testing – Radeon RX 5500M Tested!

Thermals. Ive got the A3DDK version of the Alpha 15, so theres, an AMD Ryzen, 7 3750H CPU, the new Radeon RX, 5500M graphics, 16gb of memory in dual channel and a 1080p 144Hz screen with FreeSync. Theres. Also a cheaper A3DD model. With small changes you can find updated prices to both linked in […]

MSI Alpha 15 Gaming Benchmarks – RX 5500M Tested in 21 Games!

I'Ve got the a 3d DK version of the Alpha 15, so there's, an AMD risin, 730 750 H, CPU, the new Radeon rx, 5500 M graphics, 16, gig of memory and dual channel and a 1080p 144 hertz screen with g sync it's, also available with 240 Hertz Or a cheaper, a 3 DD […]