April 2020 Q&A – Where are high end Ryzen 4000 laptops? Intel 10th gen or Ryzen 4000 for Gaming?

So the first question is rising 4000 laptop won't be released until mid August or July or maybe June. Should I wait for it or buy i7 9th gen, or maybe i7 10 758 series laptop in the end? It comes down to whether or not you need something right now all you're happy to […]

Ryzen 4000 Laptop Performance? Price? 4900H? Battery? Undervolting? Details With @Hardware Unboxed!

Why are we here, though? Oh yeah that's, probably worth mentioning we're here for the AMD new Rison 4000 series CPUs, so they invited us out to check them out cuz. Both of us do laptop content and yeah we'll just be answering some of the questions you guys left for me about the new […]

February 2020 Q&A – Why No HP Reviews? When Is G14? Ryzen 4000 Worth Waiting For?

So the first question is a serious question: why does a CH b never send out review units to you literally every other brand, like a soos gigabyte and MS, I have no problem sending you their units for testing, sir yeah. This is basically being a battle that's going on for years that I've […]

CES 2020 Q&A – Answering Your Laptop Questions!

So the first question is: what is currently your go to for gaming, and why and what do you think, will be your next one well, I'm, not exactly sure if you're talking about gaming, pc or laptop I'm going to assume laptop as I'm, a laptop based channel To be honest, I don't really […]

Rand McNally TND Tablet Review

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