Acer Swift 3 Review – Ryzen 8 Core Laptop For $650!

Build quality is fine, its plastic with a silver finish: nothing amazing, but no sharp corners or edges.. It cant be opened up with one finger, as I guess its, not heavy enough, but the screen goes the full 180 degrees back for sharing., The lid didnt flex too much. But doing this revealed that […]

Lenovo Slim 7 Review – Ryzen 4800U 8 Core Power!

. The build quality feels great its got a metal lid interior and bottom panel with a grey finish. Corners are rounded, but the front edge can feel a little sharp. If you brush up against it. It was fine during normal use, though. Mine, weighed about 1.4kg or 3.1lb. Then, with the 65 watt […]

HP Envy x360 Review – 6 Core Ryzen 13″!

Ive got the 6 core 12 thread. Ryzen 5 4500U here so were able to hit levels of performance that were previously unheard of in a 13 inch machine.. The build quality feels great. The lid interior and bottom panel are all metal with a dark finish, and there werent any sharp corners or edges. […]

A Premium Ryzen Notebook! Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15” Review

5 inch, intel configuration or a larger 15 inch amd ryzen based option, which is what i've got here, though, i do have the cheaper of the two amd options. Interestingly, the smaller intel based model seems to have faster memory and wi fi it's available in different colors and finishing i've got the black […]

MSI WS66 Laptop Review – The GS66 of Workstations!

. These are the specs. My config has well take a look at how it holds up in various tests throughout the video, but there are other configurations available. You can check out examples and updated prices linked in the description.. The finish is called carbon grey and it almost has a little blue tint […]

Dell XPS 17 Review – My New Laptop?

Ive got one of the more mid range configurations, however, its also available, starting with i5 processor, with no discrete graphics or up to 8 core processor with 2060 Max Q, you can find examples and updated prices linked in the description.. The build quality of the XPS 17 is excellent. The whole thing is […]

ASUS StudioBook Pro 17 – Ultimate Workstation Laptop?

For the specs. My config has a 9th gen Xeon processor, Nvidia, Quadro, T1000 graphics, 16gb of memory in single channel. However, I installed dual channel for all testing. A 1610 17 IPS screen and two 1TB NVMe M.2 SSDs in a RAID 0 array. For network connectivity, theres WiFi, 6 and Bluetooth 5, and […]

ASUS ZenBook Pro Laptop Review and Benchmarks

We'Ll put the laptop itself manual and warranty information power, brick and power cable to start let's. Look at the specs of the model. I'Ve got here there's an Intel 7700 HQ quad core KB Lake CPU, which runs at 2.8 gigahertz and can tow up to 3.8 gogurts a 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory […]