Why I returned my Surface Book – Bugs, glitches, and poor support

And I wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience with this and their customer support department, both good and bad, because I think it’s it’s instructive to see how companies deal with customers when there are problems – and I certainly had a few with it. So you know the too long […]

Problems With 4K Laptops – Should you buy 4K?

So a friend of mine recently stopped using this 15 inch laptop with 4k display, because this finally becomes so sick of the problems associated with 4k he's hooked back to with 1080p laptops. So I thought I'd test out the 4k one for myself to either see just how bad it is or find […]

Gaomon PD1560 Tablet Review + How to Install

A small display screen pill with nice colours that’s really moveable! Edit: Paint Device SAI 2 is meant to work with this pill (I solely have 1). The "oil" is from the glue on the again of the protector. It got here again 24 hours after washing. At this level throw the protector out and […]