4K Type-C Portable Monitor – The C-Force CF015C

The model of this one is the CF 0, 15 C. So what it is, is a 4k 15.6 inch monitor. It does not support touch, unlike that other monitor that I had a look there. Their portable one had at least the touch support, but unfortunately not here, but what the screen does have. […]

WIMAXIT 15.6″ Portable Type-C Monitor Review

15.6 inch IPS screen that you can set up. It does actually have mounting points as a just a separate monitor if you wanted to or like this is a portable one that you can travel with. It does have type C input, so at the moment, I've got it from thunderbolt into it straight […]

Portable Laptop Monitors – Magedok T1332K Review

However, there are quite a few portable monitors available these days, like the T. 1, 3. 3 2 K from each dock. That I've got here so let's find out just how good it is and help you decide if you'd benefit from adding a secondary screen. I think dual monitors are almost essential when, […]

LePow 15.6″ Type-C 1080p IPS Portable Monitor Review

This is their 15.6 inch, 1080p IPS, 14 millimeter portable monitor that weighs just over a kilo. Now they sent this out to me free of charge in exchange for my review little disclaimer here that all the opinions expressed in this video, our 100 set my own, like all of my videos, and that […]