Pipo W3F Dual Boot Android And Windows: Install Success!

Now it took a little while to do mainly because the files they just took so long to download off those Chinese servers were incredibly slow, but I'll show you the boot menu. It comes up it's, very similar to the teclast system. In fact, as probably it is the same kind of system they're […]

PiPo W3 Atom Z3775D Vs PiPo W3F Atom Z3735F [4k]

This is the people w 3f, which is the cheaper version of the w3. Now this cheaper version, they have removed the 64 gigabyte emmc drive and replace that with a 32 gigabyte, one to cut down on costs and they've also removed the modem. This modem now is not included and the the w […]

Pipo W3F unboxing and hands on 1080p (English)

If this is a business orientated tablet, so it has a keyboard which hopefully the seller included. I got this one off Aliexpress, like most of my tablets, the land. I have been quite annoyed without an express because a lot of sellers are selling tablets. They don't even have in stock and claim they […]

PiPo W3F Review: Thoughts & Impressions on this Surface Clone.

Calm, so I've had a bit of hands on time with the people w 3f and see. This is the box here. In the background now this is a machine that's kind of like a surface to clone, and you can see here. I'Ve got the prices to stub, so it's about 189 us, which […]