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Each of these phones is powered by a different flagship processor, so each one of these has a current top of the range processor from their respective manufacturers. So starting on the left here we have the umidigi z pro and that is powered by the helio X. Twenty seven made by MediaTek in the […]

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A are augmented and virtual realities will elevate our world to a whole new dimension. Then phone AR uses the try camp system and computer vision software to provide tangos motion, tracking depth, perception and area learning to bring augmented reality to users. With this sophisticated integration, zenfone AR delivers, engaging augmented reality, experiences for […]

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So this is a 5.5 inch Bible has a 1080p screen and it's powered by a media tik mtk 67 53 chipset that's an octa core 64 bit it's running android 5.1 has 3 gigabytes of ram, so spec wise doesn't seem that bad. But it is more of a low end chipset that chipset, […]

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I recently received a package from the good people at capable. Now these guys make smartphone cases. Ipad covers laptop sleeves tablet covers and eReader covers, but these aren't, your everyday type of, covers k. Scible allow you to customize. They have a wide selection of designs to choose from, and you can even upload […]

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