Cube i6 Dual OS, Switching from Win 8.1 to Android 4.4.4 and back

So it could be long so be prepared to skip ahead. Maybe on the video along in. Perhaps a boring you are about to see is what it says. Obviously it's meant to say you're about to switch operating systems. I think now I've just resorted to using the flashlight and turning the lights off […]

Cube i10 10.6″ Dual OS Unboxing And Hands On Part 2

Here we have a power adapter, they give us, and that is a 5 volt two and one now this depends on who you buy it from because they often, I think this tablet doesn't actually come from the factory with its own adapter and they add that the Seller, so a seller will probably […]

Chuwi Vi8 Vs PiPo W4S comparison. Which is the best?

Both of these tablets have the same chipset it's, the enzyme Z 3735, if which clocks up to 1.8 gigahertz and they both had 2 gigabytes of RAM and they're both dual boots. But there is a difference here. You can see already with the screens just wanted to point that out of the chewy […]

Onda v919 Air 3G dual boot unboxing, OS switching and hands on

There were a few delays in receiving this. There was no stock on Aliexpress and I finally managed to get hold at the 32 gigabyte version of geek buying calm. So thanks to them, I have this here now my hands to do a quick unboxing for you and I'll just get into each other […]