Cube iwork8 Ultimate and Onda v820w CH internals

How are you doing so? This is the onder at the top. Here they onto V 820, w CH and below here is the cube. I work eight ultimate CD, both cherry trails above how they Adam x5z 8300 in it, and both of them actually get hot. They both get up to 85 degrees. […]

Chuwi Vi8 Plus Vs Cube iwork8 Vs Tecalst X80 Plus Vs Onda v820w CH (Comparison)

Basically, the Fort Erie Trail, Adam 8 inch tablets that are currently out on the market. Now there's, two more that I'm, not showing in this video. They have a high resolution screen and that's the HIA Pro and the teclast X 80 Pro those ones I don't actually have yet but they're in another […]

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Vs Onda v820w CH comparison

I work eight ultimate, which is this model right here, that doesn't have the windows home button and the on V 820 w CH. Both of these have the same. Chipset emits the FM x5. Is it 8300? It can turbo up to one point: eight four gigahertz now, if we look at the design […]

Atom X5 Z8500 (X98 Pro) Vs Atom X5 Z8300 (v820w CH) Benchmarks & Temps

What does the actual gap performance wise between the Adam x5 8500 and the Adam x5 8300? So here I've actually taken a look. This is the on the v8 20 W CH, not a particularly wonderful tablet, and this is the tick last x98 Pro that has the faster atom x5. Is it 5 […]

Onda v820w CH Atom X5 Z8300 Unboxing And First Look

So this is the first 8 inch terry trail model here that i've got now. It'S got the x5 z, 8300 terry trail and and so it's. The next generation atom and it's got a slight bump in GPU performance. It'S, probably gon na have around the same cpu performance as the earlier model. Then […]