MSI GS66 – How Does It Perform In Games? 21 Games Tested!

But how well does it actually perform in games? Ive tested 21 different games at all setting levels and compared it with other laptops to help you decide if its worth it.. My GS66 has the Intel i9 10980HK CPU Nvidia RTX 2080 Super max Q, graphics, 32gb of memory in dual channel. Interestingly, MSI […]

New ASUS Gaming Laptops! Nvidia Super + Intel 10th Gen Models

, Just as a quick refresher if you missed yesterdays video. These are the new Nvidia Super graphics that were going to get so 2070 and 2080 Super. Outside of Super. There are also some improvements from Nvidia, such as dynamic boost and advanced optimus.. These are the Intel 10th gen processors that upcoming laptops […]

MSI GTX 1660 Super Gaming X Review – 1660 Ti Killer?

. Well, look at gaming at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, as well as thermals power, draw overclocking and also compare it with the 1660 and 1660 Ti.. Like many other recent MSI cards, its got a dark grey and black theme, nice neutral colours and should blend in well with most builds.. There are two […]

GTX 1660 Super vs GTX 1660 Ti – Graphics Card Comparison

In terms of specs note, did things like clock? Speed will vary between specific cards. These are just the reference specs for each. The oldest 1660 Ti has nine percent more CUDA cores. However, the super has slightly higher base and boost clocks. The ti has more texture units and, although both have six gig […]

Nvidia RTX 2060 Super vs RTX 2060 – Is Super Worth It?

You decide which you should buy for gaming. Lets quickly. Take a look at how the RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 super differ in terms of specs. Note that things like clock speeds will vary between specific cards. These are just the reference specs for each model.. The super version has 13 more CUDA cores […]