Mi Notebook Air 13 2017 – Nvidia MX150 Gaming Review

Me me: notebook err, 13.3, 2017 edition. You could call it so this is the one that has an upgraded GPU, which is now the nvidia MX 150, as you can see here now. This has 384 cuda cores and it's running 2 gigabytes of double data rate 5, samsung memory there, so that's dedicated […]

Mi Notebook Air 13 2017 CPU Undervolting & MX150 Overclocking

They'Ve released an update now and in the changelog. It says it now supports installation of the newest drivers on this right here so it's, the MX 150 with 2 gigabytes of dedicated ram, and it is pretty basic aliy the same as the 1030. Now the new driver is installed here, as you can […]

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 MX150 Gaming Retest – Now That’s More Like it!

This is the revised 2017 Model with the NVIdia Mx 150. Now a lot of people in my first gaming video weren't too happy with the games I tested. They said they were too demanding, or I had my settings incorrect or wrong, but I just went with the default settings Now. The graphics I've […]