One Netbook Mix 2S Review – UMPC’s Still Exist in 2019!

There are still some manufacturers in China that are producing them. This one right here is the mix 2s, not to be confused with Xiaomi's mobile phone, with the exact same name, so not exactly an original name. Neither is this design completely original it's from the same odium that we see with GPD. Now […]

Best Laptop Screen Size? 13” vs 15” vs 17”

What is the best screen size for a laptop? This will depend on a number of factors and is different for each person. Here we’ll cover some important things to consider when looking at different laptops with smaller or larger screens. Check out my other laptop videos: — Follow me here — Twitter – Google+ […]

Upgrading Your Laptop – CPU / Graphics / RAM / Disk

I’ve got some laptop upgrades to do, so let’s talk about how to upgrade your laptop and the things that you should consider when upgrading your laptop. I’ll be upgrading the RAM and adding in a new SSD here as my CPU and graphics card are soldered to the motherboard. ► Subscribe for weekly tech […]