Gaming on a Phone? Razer Phone 2 Review!

In this review, well check out the Razer Phone 2 and find out if its worth it. Lets start with the specs. Its got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU with vapor chamber cooling, 8GB of RAM a 4000mAh battery 5.7 1440p 120Hz screen and 64gb of internal storage, with the option of up to 1TB […]

Doogee F5 Review (Full Review In English)

Here it's got three gigabytes of RAM and has a mediatek mt6752 CPU on it and it's got a Mele T 720p, you, those are relatively good kind of specs for this price range considering and it does have a metal frame around it. Here you can see. It'S got a completely metal frame, it's, […]