Xiaomi Mi 6 How to Install Google Play (Chinese/English ROM)

Now, if you have one that's from China, so you've got the Chinese ROM in there. It normally wouldn't come with Google Play Store. However, there are some vendors out there, some sellers on Aliexpress Banggood gearbest that will pre install place it on there or even put a global ROM on there, which would […]

MIUI 8 On The Xiaomi Mi Max – New Features Overview

They might disclose randomly there'll, be bugs you name it problems. It is an alpha, but so far so good. I haven't really had any problems. So you see, if I go back here into the settings menu that that has now changed their new icons and you look to it and if you're the […]

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Gaming Review (Helio X25 Version)

I didn't actually say that much in regards to gaming, so this particular video I'm going to cover gaming, show you a few more popular titles here for a little bit longer and not so short edits on this one. So this is powered by a heli. Oh x.25. This particular version that I have […]