Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 Review (In-Depth) Core M3 Model

This right here is their first notebook. The me notebook err, 12.5 Inchon. Now there is a larger 13.3 inch version, which I will cover in a later date in another review. This here is the famous model that is powered by air. Core m3 has four gigabytes of RAM. A hundred and twenty eight […]

Mi Notebook Air 12 SSD replacement, How to Open & Internals

This should apply to the 13.3 inch model as well, and I'll quickly show the internals and how you can add an extra SSD or upgrade your SSD, so you're going to need a t5 Torx bit and remove all seven Torx screws to gain access to the internals. Now the last screw is really […]

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Unboxing, In-Depth First Look & Impressions (English)

Shell maze me notebook err. This is the 2.5 inch model there's. Another 13.3 inch model that has a powerful, more powerful khorium in there and nvidia 9 4 5 MX GPU. This version here is one that hopefully, will give us a better battery life, so it's got a 2.5 inch. 1080P screen has […]

Mi Notebook Review After 2 Weeks (New 2018 Cheaper Model)

So this I have been using for the last almost two weeks and it's. The budget version cut down version where they did cut some definite corners compared to the mean up, but pro model. So we have a metal lid on this one alloy that's, the only metal you're gon na get on this […]

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Unboxing & Hands-On Review

It is the Xiaomi Mi notebook Pro so it's 15.6 inches with a 1080p screen on it it's their largest laptop now, and I was personally waiting for some time for them to release something larger than their 13.3 inch model. That I've also reviewed and the 12.5 inch one they're, both very decent laptops, […]