Xiaomi Mi 10 Review One Week Later!

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review – Finally They Fixed It!

Mi Note 10 Review Update – 5 Days later

Now that I've had and I'm on my fifth battery cycle. In fact, I've got the stats of that v battery cycles, so that's one thing that was missing in my review was the complete stats. It does take a few battery cycles. I feel to get your proper battery life that what you can […]

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review & Unboxing (In-Depth)

This is, of course, shammies Meno 210, a promising looking phone that has a build. That looks very similar to me to say a quail wheat p30 Pro it's got a 5 times optical camera on the rear, one of five cameras in total 2 times optical and ultra wide, the main sensor, a 2 […]