GPD Pocket Tiny 7 Inch Windows / Linux Laptop PC Review

This is a little tiny laptop from the folks at gpv and they are also the people behind a couple of my other favorite devices like the GPB win here, which is a Windows game console as well as the GPD XD, which is an android console. I’Ll. Put a link down below so you […]

Google Pixel Slate Review – Chrome OS Tablet that runs Android / Linux

This is a tablet running Chrome, OS that also happens to run Android apps and Linux apps, and they have kind of followed the surface design here, where you’ve got a tablet that detaches from a keyboard case and the keyboard case also acts as a stand. We’Ll be taking a closer look at this […]

CHUWI UBook Tablet 11.6 inch Review – 8GB RAM / 256 GB SSD

This is their you book 11.6. It is a Microsoft. Surface Style tablet, device running Windows, 10. Of course, it sells for about three hundred and thirty nine dollars with the tablet, keyboard and pen and we’re going to be taking a closer look at this device in just a second now I do want […]

Speed Up Your Old Laptop On A Budget

On a budget, I thought that still laptop the Uni in early 2008 at the time it was great and had awesome specs. Now it weighs a ton and struggles to perform basic tasks honestly I'm, not too sure what to do with it, as I haven't used it in years and have no real […]

Is It A Smartphone Or Is It A Laptop?

The Gemini 4G from Planet Computers is the smallest laptop like device I've ever unboxed. It runs either Android or Linux and provides a somewhat decent typing experience in spite of its diminutive size. So is it a laptop or is it a smartphone? WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… Phones Are Getting Weirder… The Palm Phone […]