Jumper EZPad 6S 2-in-1 Windows 10 Tablet Unboxing & Hands On Review

This is called the EZ pad 6s. Now there is the EZ pad 6 version, which has the atom theory trail in it. This one’s a revised, updated model which now has the Apollo Lake M 3450. Yes, you guessed it four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage, wireless AC and you can get […]

Top 3 Budget Windows 10 Laptops Of 2017

So all these models have the same chipset in them, it's the Intel Celeron in 3450, the Apolo 81 – and these two models here have six gigabytes of RAM. So we have the chewy lap book 12.3 here with its surface pro screen, so you can see why it looks a little bit square […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro (Version 3) Wireless AC Upgrade Hands-On

I have already done a full review of this one and an unboxing so check out those. But one of my cons was that it had real tick. Wireless n, so it's just a single antenna, limited range and speeds and the rest of the competition all went with the Intel wireless AC, 3, 165 […]

Jumper Ezpad 5S Unboxing And First Impressions

Now this is the easy 5 s the specs itself, aren't, really that interesting it's the run of the mill atom x5 s at 8300 – that I've seen just so many of lately. But what does interest me is the design of this unit, so it's got an 11.6 inch screen and a design […]

Jumper EZBook X4 Unboxing & Hands-On Review – A 25% Faster Teclast F7

Not actually this model right here that I have in front of me. This is the Teclast F7, which turned out to be the best. A polar lake laptop, so we now have this successor of the Apollo Lake, which is the Gemini Lake there's, slightly faster 200 megahertz, more that's. The N4100 it's also […]

Jumper EZBook 2 Unboxing & First Look – $167 MacBook Clone Laptop

It is the jumper easy book too so it's not actually Ultra book, why you could call it a laptop don't know whether you could really classify that as an ultra book, because I think ultra books have to have SSDs in them. Don'T know anyway. This one here has interested me because, unlike the […]

Jumper EZBook 3S Unboxing And Hands-On Review

So when I was down in New Zealand back in the beginning of the year on holiday, I reviewed this one: a head, bad keyboard flex and a few other minor complaints like one of them was that had a TN panel. So this version I don't, know whether they used an IPS panel. Now […]

Jumper EZBook 3L Pro Vs Teclast F7 – Best Apollo Lake Laptops The Key Differences

This is exactly the same as the Teclast F7, but not quite. There are some key differences that I'm going to outline here in this video. So if you've seen my review of the tick last, if seven, this to me is still the best Apollo Lake N34 laptop that you can get N3450 sorry […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro V4 – One Of The Best Budget Laptopd Just Got Better

So all the revisions they've made minor little tweaks and changes this time around. We have a new touch pad it's, a precision one there's, now a little tiny hatch on the bottom to easily install and upgrade and add your own SSD. It has to be twenty two by forty to spec, so it […]

Jumper EZBook 2 – Some FAQs Answered

Now that uncomfortable, I would call anything getting a little bit more uncomfortable, definitely over around 40, so there's very well, not very a bit quite hot to the touch there now I'm charging it at the same time just worst case scenario. Now the temperatures are around 80. 85 degrees still, but I definitely […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Plus Unboxing And Hands-On Review (Core M3-7Y30 Laptop)

This is their latest laptop here from Jumper and it's meant to be a more premium one. It has a more powerful chipset in here, so it has the Core. M3. 7Y30 38 gigabytes of RAM wireless AC. A 37 watt hour battery it's got 2 USB 3 ports on there, micro SD card slot […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Vs Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 Comparison

3 or the jumper easy book 3 Pro very similar laptops, but they've got some big differences here now I get asked this a lot, which one is the best one and which one should you go for well it's, not actually that Easy so I'm going to break it down in this video try […]