Jumper Ezpad 5S Unboxing And First Impressions

Now this is the easy 5 s the specs itself, aren't, really that interesting it's the run of the mill atom x5 s at 8300 – that I've seen just so many of lately. But what does interest me is the design of this unit, so it's got an 11.6 inch screen and a design […]

Jumper EZPad Mini3 Unboxing And First Look

Hopefully, this ports gon na be out of power a hard drive. The model, of course, is the jumper easy pad Mini 3 is what it's called now already tested out the jump AC pad 5, that was in ok table that had really high quality, really good build quality, but it did have a […]

Jumper EZPad 5S Review – A Surface 3 Like Clone

I do like now. This one has quite a surface 3 design to it and it has a metal unibody. That is actually quite heavy if you see in the unboxing video it's rather heavy, but the build quality is very good. Well, put together and very solid feeling this one here, it's just rock […]