Voyo Vbook V3 Pentium N4200 Apollo Lake Unboxing & First Look

This is the newer model that has a pentium n, 4200 and it's a 14 nanometer, the successor to the sm cherry trail. Basically, now this here has 32 gigabytes of internal storage as an MMC and there's. Also, a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes of SATA 3 storage on there, I don't know whether […]

Onda Xiaoma 31 Review – An EZBook 3 Pro With Pentium N4200

However, there are some differences that you can see to start with it's only in this champagne gold, color, a fingerprint reader which works really well. Once you set this up, you can get into windows, really quick, faster than typing a password. You just place your finger on the on there unlocks and reads […]

Apollo Lake TDP/Power Limits. Unlock Full Potential Up To 80% More FPS!

I discovered that the civil top heir had the power limits disabled, and this was the whole reason why it performed so well because back in the past, when I had the corium tablets and the later on the notebooks and things I discovered it. Yet if you increase the power limits, that would increase […]