ASUS MeMO Pad 7 Tablet ME572 Review – Android with Intel Moorefield processor – ME572CL

I hope i pronounced your name right and he asked me to go out and try to find one of these new asus memo pad 7s and the reason is that they’re running with the new Moorefield chipset. So I found them over at Best Buy for a hundred and fifty bucks, which is a […]

Intel i5 5257U Iris 6100 Fanless $293 Barebones Mini PC Unboxing

The seller finally dropped their price on it down to two hundred and ninety three us, so I decided I'd snap. It up check it out and see if it's any good. Now this is a bare bones system. This one here, this particular model that I got has the Broadwell Core i5 five, two […]

Onda v919 3G Core M Intel GFX Display Scaling Issues (Help!)

This is the under v. 9 19 3d corium in front of me here now I'm having a few problems, but their displays scaling and I've been trying to run some steam games and anything. But the native resolution results in this horrible yeah, look at it horrible resolution it's just squeezing it down or […]