Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 Review (In-Depth) Core M3 Model

This right here is their first notebook. The me notebook err, 12.5 Inchon. Now there is a larger 13.3 inch version, which I will cover in a later date in another review. This here is the famous model that is powered by air. Core m3 has four gigabytes of RAM. A hundred and twenty eight […]

How To Open Up The Cube i9

Just how I did it is what I told you in a video. So then, this one here, I'm just going to show you a little bit more detail on opening it up. This is just a quick video guide here, so you need a t4 Torx screwdriver. You can get them in the jeweler […]

Cube i9 Heat Sink Mod Results, Power Limits & BF4 Retest

It was a hell of a process and I really honestly thought I could not recover from this. So whatever you do just stay out of the bias don't go in the base, there's no need to mess with any of those settings in there. I was only just looking for a way to update […]

Cube i9 GTA V Test Intel 515 Graphics With Power Limit & Heat Sink Mod

Remember that my particular unit here has the copper heat sig mod that I applied and they also tweaked the power limit and Intel X. T? U so it could add these settings I'm using an Xbox 360 controller too, by the way so I'm going to run it on 800 x, 600 resolution DirectX […]

Teclast X3 Pro Unboxing. Keyboard + Stylus First Look

This is the successor to the tick last x2, Pro that I reviewed approximately a year ago and that model had the core 5 way 10 in it. This particular model now has the corium skylake, m3, 6y, 30, so it's the same chipset that we see in the cube I 9, which is the […]

Cube i9 Review – A Surface Pro 4 M3 Alternative For Less

So this is the successor to the quite popular cube i7 stylus, which was powered by the last generation core m 5y10. So what's changed in the new model. Well, they've gone with skylake processor now, which is the 6y 30 it's the coin 3, the same exact chipset, that is in the Microsoft Surface, […]

Cube i9 Simple Copper Heat Sink Mod (Lowers Max Temps 20 Degrees)

Nothing special doesn't, look pretty at all. As you can see, I've pulled this heatsink off. It would have stayed on there, but I've pulled it off because I needed access to the EP ROM. I was trying to flash a bias to it, which I can't. I have brick this tablet because I went […]

Cube i9 Internals, SSD, M.2 4G Slot, Sim Reader & Core M3

But for someone that doesn't have any experience opening tablets, I still don't recommend you do this at all. So we have T four Torx screws. There are six of them on the back just under the kickstand remove all of those and then what I did with the front of the tablet is. I […]

Cube i9 Intel Core M3 6Y30 Unboxing And First Look

This is the cube. I9 I've been waiting a long time to get my hands on this model because of a stuff up from the seller on Aliexpress was meant to send this DHL and said they sent it with Singapore PO. So it took forever to arrive, but it's now, finally, here so I'm […]

My Thoughts On The Surface Pro 4 M3 After A Week Of Use

This is the m3 model. This is the 899 us worm with the 128 gigabyte SSD on there, 4 gigabytes of RAM I've been using it now for about a week just wanted to give you my thoughts and opinions on this tablet here. So overall, using this thing is just blowing me away. Actually, […]

Surface Pro 4 Core M3 6Y30 Gaming, Benchmarks, Temps & Throttling

So, to show you quickly, my device manager just to show the destroyed that I have on board is the nvm II Samsung Drive and because it's, the hundred and twenty eight gigabyte version it's not particularly fast. These speeds are actually very disappointing for the price of this machine. I'D really wish Microsoft had […]

Cube i9 – 2 Weeks As My Main Tablet

Cube i9 after two weeks as my main tablet. Where to buy one? More: Heat Sink & Power limit tweak: Gaming: Unboxing: do subscribe for more videos: About: Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver honest reviews, from a user perspective to help you […]