Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Review – 10.1 Inch full 1080P HD Android Tablet with Intel Atom Processor

Let us borrow their yoga tablet to to check out for a few days. This is an Android tablet, running Intel and there’s. Also a Windows version available, but you have to choose one of the other. You can’t have one that runs both, which is actually kind of this appointment I’d like to see […]

Teclast X70 3G Atom X3 SoFIA User Review

It is not a super performance monster. This has just got the atom x3 sofia and a big lower end one and it's just a one gigabyte: dual core atom, so performance, wise, you're, not gon na get anything spectacular out of this teller, that's, pretty obvious to start with when you're buying this thing. […]

Chuwi Hi10 Unboxing And Hands On

Finally, I've got my hands on one sorry for the delay to take me a while to get it because what happened as the first model apparently came out with 32 bit windows only and not Windows 10 is 64 bit which supported the full 4 gigabytes of RAM. So that has apparently been rectified […]

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Vs Onda v820w CH comparison

I work eight ultimate, which is this model right here, that doesn't have the windows home button and the on V 820 w CH. Both of these have the same. Chipset emits the FM x5. Is it 8300? It can turbo up to one point: eight four gigahertz now, if we look at the design […]

Teclast X98 Plus Benchmarks, A8A Game Test & Thermals

So does it look here now at the system menu you can see it's running a Windows 10 home, and it does have that 4 gigabytes of RAM right there, so I'm capturing the screen with a capture card. This should not actually be affecting your performance at all of the tablet, but to give […]

Chuwi Hi8 Dual Boot Windows hands on

Having a look at the temperatures here, you can see that the CPU the atoms in 3736, if got up to 71 degrees, just right here with the mouse's, so it's quite warm but there's, actually a reasonable temperature. I have seen lower, but normally this chips, it does run a little bit hotter this […]

Chuwi Vi10 dual boot unboxing

So this is a noob, a trial, Z, 37 36. If powered teller to gigabytes in RAM it's got Windows 8.1 on it. Hopefully, the upgradeable should be upgradable to Windows 10 in the future when that's released. So my seller I used was okay Qi. They gave me a couple of free accessories here […]

Cheap $56 Ematic EWT826BK 8″ Windows 10 Intel Atom Tablet Review

Does the Home windows-based price range pill from Ematic (EWT826BK) stay as much as its expectations? This assessment will take a look at how the pill features. Based mostly on an Intel Z3735 1.33GHz twin core course of, it has the CPU energy however is confronted with solely 1GB of RAM, limiting its potential.

Tablet MURAH Rasa SURFACE! – Review Asus Transformer Mini T102!

Kalo gue masih kuliah ini racun banget sih, sayang ga resmi dijual di Indonesia 🙁 Music: v i b e s – 0.02 _ Roche Musique Lab Copyright belongs to its respective owner(s) Follow our social media : Instagram : Facebook :

Teclast Tbook 16S Unboxing & First Look

Teclast Tbook 16S Unboxing & First Look. 2-in-1 dual OS 11.6" tablet with kickstand and type cover. Where to get one? If you liked this video and want to see more like it, why not subscribe? About: Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones, and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver […]